With MiaVita, Classy doesn't have to compromise comfort

With MiaVita, Classy doesn't have to compromise comfort

A brand designed for the empowered woman, with a sophisticated youthful vibe, MiaVita is a new and fresh footwear label to hit the Australian fashion market this Summer.


Timeless style with ultimate comfort in mind, MiaVita is the answer for the modern-day woman looking to put their best foot forward and feel empowered by wearing elegant and sophisticated, unique and comfortable shoes.


An Italian phrase, Mia Vita means 'it's my life' and is set to bring styles that support your everyday needs and will have you feeling like you've been transported on a chic European holiday.


The debut drop includes a range of styles and colours, from wedges with fun metallic tones, chic heels, and trendy sandals and flats. Designed to be worn on the go, the shoes can take you from day to night effortlessly.


The brand-new label was the brainchild of leading Australian footwear manufacturer and distributor Global Footcare.


The idea to launch the unique label came to Global Footcare's Managing Director, Jeff Coombridge after he noticed that considerable progress is still needed in providing fashionable shoes without compromising on comfort. 


"MiaVita allows you to step out in style and comfort, breaking the stereotype of comfort footwear. It's our answer to a gap we saw in the market for the modern-day woman who is fashion conscious, but also seeks comfort," Mr Coombridge said.


"With an affordable yet above-average price point, we have created a comfort formula including a delicate arch support and addictive memory cushioning concealed in every shoe so that our customers can wear them all day."


Celebrating international trends and fashion, MiaVita shoes are locally designed by the Global Footcare experienced design team with decades of combined experience for many well-known brands.


"MiaVita has been specially designed for women who desire to be fashionable all while living a rich and energetic life on the go," George , head of design at Global Footcare said.


"Extensive fit testing from our team ensures we have the perfect fit every time – whether that be a millimetre added to the length, a material that feels a little softer to the touch, or a colour that needs to pop by being one shade darker. Every aspect of MiaVita shoes is looked at and analysed as we strive to deliver the best product."


So keep it Classy, keep it comfort, keep it MiaVita while you take care of business.

To find out more about MiaVita, visit www.miavitashoes.com.au.


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