Love Luna Period Briefs

Love Luna Period Briefs




No more ruining your sheets, no more mattress sized pads and no more pesky wings.

Say no to leaks!

Say yes to downward dog and yes to your favourite white jeans and a big yes to a good night's sleep!

So how do Love Luna period briefs actually work? Well, firstly it's a back-up brief. This means you can ditch those big bulky pads and leave those wings on the runway, because now you can comfortably wear a tampon or menstrual cup and know that Love Luna briefs are your line of defence.

Love Luna period briefs look and feel like normal underwear but what makes them so special is the fuss free inbuilt pad with four layers of protection which include soft cotton lining, absorbent padding, a waterproof layer and a sleek microfibre or cotton outer. No ugly granny undies here. Love Luna period briefs come in three sleek designs including the bikini brief with lace trim, perfect for work rest and slay; a midi brief, designed to sit lower on the leg and great for sports and a full brief perfect for sleeping. The important thing is they're just like normal underwear, just with added protection!

Love Luna period briefs are not only fantastic for mums, they're also a terrific way to give girls, who are anxious about getting their first period, the peace of mind and confidence that comes with an extra line of defence. They're actually almost identical to the period panties at Knixteen - which you can view here.

Available at over 750 Woolworths stores nationally and priced at just $15, Love Luna period briefs are accessible and affordable to girls and women all over Australia.

Love Luna period briefs are also great for the environment. Did you know that a 2016 Choice study found menstrual cups and period briefs have minimal impact on the environment compared to tampons and pads? It found that Australian women buy 469 million pads a year and that each of these can take 500 to 800 years to biodegrade.

Your Love Luna briefs can be cold delicate machine washed with like colours and rest assured, Love Luna hasn't been tested in labs, but on real women, with real red liquid - not that imitation blue we see on the ads.

Love Luna, lovingly designed for women, by women.

Love Luna period briefs can be found in the feminine hygiene aisle section in 750 Woolworths nationally.
Priced at $15 they come in three styles:
• Bikini Brief (available in sizes 10-12, 12-14, 14-16)
• Midi Brief (available in sizes 6-8, 8-10, 10-12 and 12-14)
• Full Brief (available in sizes 10-12, 12-14, 14-16).


Review: Pulling my Love Luna briefs out of the box today, my initial thought was the brief liner looked thick, oh no! But trying them on, the extra cover was barely noticable and really comfortable.  I put my faith in Love Luna today when out for a walk and stayed longer than I intended, but they didn't let me down. I felt confident that I could make the distance and didn't have to deal with the usual twisted panty liners that often misses the mark.  Definitely a brief I could get used to wearing month round to keep me covered for life's mishaps.  Think they would work well for those suffering incontenience and teens leaning their cycle. This will definitely change the way people shop for panties, briefs / undies, bring on the Love Luna G!


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