Biguine Predictions Spring 2003

Biguine Predictions Spring 2003

Biguine forecasts the classic elements of strong eyes and vibrant lips - a sizzling season with shades that embrace sunsets like burnt oranges in every tone, watermelon, the glow of sun kissed skin, dramatic, smudgy eyes and bright lips - reminiscent of the 70's but with a new twist that has successfully made its way to the 2003's.

For eyes Biguine Make up Specialist, Rozalyne Vidal tells us not to play with lots of colour on the eyes, "concentrate on an intense application of single shade" to create the smokiness and drama. We are seeing lots of greens and teals this season - try the Biguine Mono eye shadow in Jade (RRP $33.00) and Rozalyne adds "don't forget eyeliner (Biguine Liquid Eye Liner RRP $33.00) as this adds a classic element to eyes - and several sweeps of mascara (Biguine Mascara RRP $33.00) to define eyes perfectly".

Rozalyne recommends a powder eye shadow v/s cream "powders don't smudge or crease, they stay put and give extended wear". She also recommends using a sponge applicator or a finger rather than a brush - "the sponge applicator is easier to use and keeps the colour solid - a brush can tend to sweep away more colour than it applies, especially if you're a novice when it comes to applying make up".

During the warmer months, eye shadow is often the first to wear, fade and crease (especially the creams). Rozalyne recommends applying foundation over eyes and lips and suggests the Biguine Foundation Stick (RRP $45.00) "it won't steam off; it's an excellent concealer and keeps eye shadow (and lipstick) in place all day". Humidity can be more of a challenge, intensifying problems (creasing, oily bars and shine) - Rozalyne advises, "always finish off foundation with loose powder to ensure longevity and freshness". To create a shimmer and summer softness, a light dusting of a bronzer over the face like the Biguine Sublime Powder (RRP $75.00) adds glimmer " this product also smells like fresh roses!

Lips are impacting the face this season and we are seeing shades of watermelon, coral, mandarin and all hues of orange. Says Rozalyne "always outline the lips with a lip liner it keeps bleeding at bay and finishes off the mouth and draws attention to it". Biguine has a long lasting lip pencil with a soft texture that does not tug at the lips and gives a clear, precise line. Try the Long Lasting Lip Pencil (RRP $29.00) in Coquelicot. When applying lipstick "be confident and bold with colour, apply liberally for a stronger effect - 2 or even 3 applications for shine and definition". Biguine's Brilliant Lipstick (RRP$33.00) goes on smoothly and has a wonderful feel on the lips - suggestion Corail this season. Finish of with a dab of gloss and you have fabulous spring colour!"

Biguine Make up is available from professional salons and spas across Australia. For your nearest stockist details contact 1800 648 172.

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