Liz Wilkes Push Presents Interview

Liz Wilkes Push Presents Interview

The Rising Trend of Push Presents

Love them or hate them, push presents are having their day in the sun – a gift given to a new mum to mark the birth of their child.

In favour of luxe items, mums are gifted items things such as jewellery and smartphones but perhaps the most famous and extravagant - a $2 million sports car to new mum Kylie Jenner…

But what actually could be helpful to a new mum whose given birth for the first time?

Interview with Liz Wilkes, Philips Avent Ambassador and Midwife

Question: What is a push presents?

Liz Wilkes: A push present is a gift given to a woman shortly after she has given birth, typically from the father of the child. The gift is intended to celebrate the new baby's arrival, the new chapter ahead, and say thank you to the mother for the pregnancy and birth of the baby.

Question: When did push presents become a -thing'?

Liz Wilkes: Surprisingly, push presents have been around for ages and were typically small jewellery gifts from the child's father or mother's partner to thank her for giving birth, but in the last few years the concept of push presents has grown, and is now extending to include gifts from a range of family members.

Question: Can you share your personal insight into this increasingly popular tradition?

Liz Wilkes: I have always felt that flowers from family and friends are a beautiful gift to mark celebration and congratulations following the birth of a child. I think for friends and family looking to gift a mother with something practical, a baby shower is the perfect time to do this, and your support and friendship is the most important thing you can give to a new mother. In regards to a mother's partner giving her a token following the birth of his child, I think it is a lovely sentiment, however, the most important gift or push present is to give the mother your unconditional support.

Question: What are the common push present items gifted to new mums?

Liz Wilkes: Most commonly, jewellery is gifted to a new mother, however the price of this jewellery can vary from a small token to something larger and significant.

Question: What should we be gifting to a new mum who's given birth for the first time?

Liz Wilkes: If you are looking to gift a new mother there are a number of special or sentimental gifts mum's will truly appreciate.

- A DIY Casting kit so that the new parents can take an imprint of the new baby's hand or foot print is a great idea. These can be put in a frame alongside a photo of the baby as a beautiful memory. A new pair of soft pajamas. We all know the luxurious feeling of hopping in to a new pair of pajamas, and this will be appreciated more than ever for a new mum who will be wearing them more than usual, without having to feel daggy.

- A gift card for a massage is the perfect way for a new mother to completely relax, while only being away from her new bub for an hour or so. She can use the gift card whenever she feels comfortable to take the time away, making it flexible and giving her something to look forward to.

Question: Can you share some helpful gifts; we could give at a baby shower?

Liz Wilkes: The most helpful gifts for new mums are the practical products they either can't have too many of, or may have forgotten. The two recommendations which are always at the top of my list are:

- The Philips Avent Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump is a lifesaver for new mums with soft massage cushions to gently stimulate milk flow, a new mum can rely on this product.
- The Philips Avent Electric Steam Steriliser is another product which might not cross new mothers minds however, it helps avoid dirty bottles piling up around the sink causing added chaos and stress. It keeps bottles sterile for up to 24 hours so the new mum can rest assured that her bub's bottles are safe and healthy.
- Additionally, a thoughtful gift is a beautiful 'mummy bag" large enough to fit all the neccesities for a new baby out and about.
- For many baby showers a gift registry is created to ensure repeat gifts are avoided, so make sure you check this first.

Question: If we're visiting a new mum, for the first time (at home or the hospital) what are the top three things we should take with us?

Liz Wilkes: I always feel that flowers are a perfect way to brighten a hospital room or home, and while they don't have to be too expensive, they show the new mum your thought and care. It is a good idea to purchase some non-allergic flowers as the baby and mum will be sensitive during this time. The obvious other alternative is some form of food – fruit is great, a nice platter of some sort (remembering mothers have avoided soft cheeses for months!) or a dish you have made that can be frozen and reheated are all thoughtful items.

Something that is quite important which many people don't consider is to make sure you are well-vaccinated before meeting the new baby. You should have top-up injections - Whooping Cough and flu injections may be of the highest significance - particularly if you are meeting a baby in the 6 weeks before they can be immunised. Your doctor can advise on which you will need and precautions you can take to help keep the new baby healthy.

The best thing you can take when visiting a new mum is time. Having friends and family give up their time to be with and support them is the most comforting thing a new mother can have. Whether it's to fold a load of washing, make a meal, tidy a kitchen, or help unload a dishwasher, letting your friend know you are both still in each others lives and there through the big life transition is the best thing you can do.

Interview by Brooke Hunter