Lily Bell-Tindley Lou Interview

Lily Bell-Tindley Lou Interview

Lily Bell-Tindley Lou Interview

Lou, written and directed by Belinda Chayko, was filmed on location in the stunning cane fields surrounding Murwillumbah in northern NSW. Producers are Helen Bowden, Michael McMahon, Tony Ayres and Belinda Chayko; Executive Producer is Liz Watts.

The film tells a tender story about the relationship between 11-year-old Lou (Lily Bell-Tindley) and her grandfather (John Hurt). Not long after Lou's father walks out of her life, her irascible and befuddled grandfather crashes in. But when Doyle comes to stay, Lou discovers, against all her expectations, the healing power of love.

Interview with Lily Bell-Tindley

Tell us a little bit about your character, Lou?

Lily Bell-Tindley: I think Lou really is softer on the inside, but she puts forward a tough and protective cover. She acts like she can handle the pressure she's under from her mother and having to act partly as the mother of the family when really she's not up to it. She pretends she doesn't but I think she really needs love from her mother, which is why she is so open to Doyle, because he offers her the love she doesn't get from Rhia.

Lou is your first on-screen performance, what did you think of the movie-making process?

Lily Bell-Tindley: It was so much fun and so exciting. It was like a huge family and we were all together every day, 8 hours a day, sometimes starting way too early and sometimes way too late. It was intense, but it was so much fun.

Why did you originally choose to audition for the role of Lou?

Lily Bell-Tindley: Because I had always been interested in acting, I wanted to see what the audition process was like, because I had no experience. I had absolutely no idea that I would get the role. So it was such a shock when I found out I got the part.

You live quite close to the film location of Murwillumbah, can you tell us about the area?

Lily Bell-Tindley: It's very nice, especially in Murwillumbah with the views of Mount Warning, the lovely green landscape and the generally beautiful look of the place. It was cold for the filming, it was supposed to be summer in Lou but it certainly wasn't. We had a bit of a battle with the weather, it rained for almost the whole shooting. We even lost a door on the rehearsal room because of the intense wind. It is such a nice area to film in because of its beauty and its great community.

What was the most challenging thing about playing the character of Lou?

Lily Bell-Tindley: Although Lou is in almost every scene, she doesn't say very much, so I couldn't rely on dialogue to express myself very often.

What did you learn working alongside John Hurt and Emily Barclay?

Lily Bell-Tindley: I learnt so much from John and Emily. It's really too hard to put into words. I was so lucky to get my first ever role along side such incredible actors.

Who originally inspired you to go into the acting industry?

Lily Bell-Tindley: I have to admit, im a dedicated Johnny Depp fan, I fell in love when I watched "Edward Scissorhands" at the age of about 9 or 10, ever since I am inspired by every single one of his movies. He is my role model.

Do you prefer acting for stage or the camera?

Lily Bell-Tindley: Well apart from the odd school play, I haven't done any real stage acting so I can't really say which I prefer. I like acting on camera because you get the chance to do something better, or try different ways of doing things. Also being on a set, so set out like a real world, really fascinates me, I love the way that a whole life is created. When you step onto the set you are in someone else's life, and you are that someone else. I find that really amazing.

What's next for you in terms of acting and performing?

Lily Bell-Tindley: I haven't fully decided what is next, I will just see what comes up and hope for the best.

What tips do you have for other young aspiring actors?

Lily Bell-Tindley: You don't have to do everything they offer you. Wait until something you really like comes up. And don't get a big head.


Cast: John Hurt, Emily Barclay, Lily Bell-Tindley
Director: Belinda Chayko
Genre: Drama, Family
Rated: M
Running Time: 82 minutes

Release Date: June 17th 2010