Lil Puppet

Lil Puppet

Daniela Norton is the Mum, owner, founder and creative brain behind Lil Puppet baby girls boutique.

"We make adorable, affordable and most of all quality clothes for all those little princesses. We pride ourselves on exce ptional customer service, and endeavour to meet any requirements our customers may be looking for. With a strong background in hotel and event management, I often found myself shopping online, but missed the warm and old fashioned customer service and the connection with a business as a customer. Because of this we have on top of our normal social media pages, opened a private facebook group esp for our customers, to not only ask me and my team any questions they may have, but also to connect with other mums. We all know how lonely motherhood can be. We had loads of customers that have since met up in real life and became great friends."

Daniela started the business after she fell pregnant with her first child. Daniela suffered from PND and her newborn had Hip Dysplasia.

Daniela says: "I found this all very unfair, as I was so excited for motherhood and also dress her in all these gorgeous clothes I had been given, which now was no longer possible. I went from a well sleeping baby to a total sleep deprivation! With the brace keeping her legs apart and dangling in the air and also did she have to give up her beloved and secure sleeping bag, which was now way to tight for her. Out of desperation I opened my laptop one night and googled sewing tutorials and popped a post on the local Buy, Sell, Swap for a used sewing machine. Having seamstresses in my family I also quickly jumped on skype to get a crash course in pattern making and tips and tricks for sewing. After a lot of curse words and determination , I finally had sewn my first sleeping bag! YAY! My vision to have them in every hospital in Australia to spread awareness, but I got quickly stopped by the expensive safe testing for children sleepwear."

After falling pregnant in 2015, Daniela and her husband packed up the house, sewing machine and even the dog and moved to to the rural community of Agnes Water, which she calls 'our little place of paradise.'

"I was away from friends and family and felt very lonely at times, with two kids under 3. The biggest drive has certainly been the aim of having my husband home on day with us, so we can be a family every day. I realized I needed to do something if I didn't want my husband to work away and started my Label Lil Puppet at the end of 2015, sewing clothing and personalizing and painting t-shirts and baby rompers. Having a husband work away, gave me lots of long nights, while feeding babies to research how to grow and establish a business. Those first days were tough and there was many times were I didn't want to go down the road of a mumpreneuer anymore. "

"Our online presence grew so fast and so quick, that by the end of 2016 we had a huge social media following on our facebook page and built a solid customer base. I was no longer able to do the work load on myself, after a failed search of trying to find local mums who would like to jump on board and help sew. I had to outsource overseas. It was important for me to find a ethical and small manufacture overseas, that can produce my designs in a fair and ethicly manner was of high importance to me. I We have been working very closely together with our overseas manufacture ever since. Having the extra time and the brand has expanded rapidly from there."

Daniela and her family moved to their own 4.5 acre property kitted out with dogs, children, chicken and clothes. She prints many of her own fabrics and also created a tulle range for sensitive skin and for kids with eczema.

"My youngest daughter had suffered from eczema and was never able to wear gorgeous tulle skirt due to the harsh tulle, as well as the warm and sweaty satin it was lined with. Living in north QLD nothing lined with satin will be comfortable to wear during the hot summer month. We now pride ourselves to have the softest tulle lined with a perfect knit cotton blend in all our Tutu and ruffle bum tutus, making it perfect for newborns and sensitive skins. "

Daniela has designed a new swimwear collection that is sun smart and stylish. The little farm shed was no big enough to hold all the stock. Daniela and her husband built 1 100m2 warehouse on their property.

Daniela concludes: "I am so incredible proud of my business as I have built it up all on my own from the ground up with no assistance or help from family, our growth has been 100% organic. Even times have been tough, financially and emotionally, I have reached some amazing milestones in the last 2.5 years. It just shows that persistence, determination and believing in your dreams. One of the biggest achievements I have reached the nomination for the Ausmumpreneuer Awards 2018. We took gold home in the category Retail Business Excellence. This year Lil Puppet has seen over 150% in income growth, has employed 2 casual Staff, has 5 brand representatives and has built 100m2 warehouse."
Prices start at $5 for headbands, followed by $18 Flutters to our premium tutus of $44.99.