Bernard Seitz Le Chef

Bernard Seitz Le Chef

Le Chef

Cast: Jean Reno, Michaél Youn
Director: Daniel Cohen
Running Time: 85 minutes

Synopsis: A self-trained cook with haute-cuisine ambitions, Jacky (Michaél Youn) gets canned from a series of menial cooking jobs for taking exception to his customers' taste. Beatrice (Raphaelle Agogue), Jacky's heavily pregnant girlfriend, tries to halt their financial meltdown by arranging a handyman position for him at an old folks home, but he can't resist the siren call of the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Alexandre Lagarde (Jean Reno), chef and nominal proprietor of the three-star Cargo Lagarde, faces a crisis of a different sort. Stanislaw (Julien Boisselier), the interfering son of his retired business partner, wants him to cut costs and update the menu. Since he can fire Alexandre if the restaurant loses a star, Stanislaw tries to undermine him in every way possible, transferring his favourite sous-chefs and threatening his food suppliers.

But then Alexandre and Jacky's path cross...

Release Date: June 14th, 2012

Bernard Seitz (Executive Producer) on Le Chef

Writing a comedy is no doubt the most perilous task an author can embark on; he must of course be able to combine good fun and clever wit, but tenderness and emotion as well. A successful comedy cannot bear the slightest mediocrity; it demands absolute rigor from its author in order to obtain that rare mix.

It was with that in mind that we decided to produce "Le Chef", since top-notch, spot-on writing struck us as being the hallmark of this screenplay. We are convinced that Daniel Cohen's film will follow in the tradition of French popular comedies that have marked the history of our cinema. He has been able to rework their main ingredients, while subtly updating them thanks to the modernity of his situations and dialogue.

In his last feature, "Two Worlds", Daniel Cohen proved to be a master of rhythm and pace, He always lets his actors shine and he employs an overall aesthetic uncommon in French comedies.

Furthermore, "Le Chef" means to revive the tradition of great actor duos that were so popular with audiences in the great comedies of the past, in which the comic force of the situations and the impact of the dialogue needed to be delivered by great comedians. We are convinced that the association of Mickael Youn and Jean Reno will be of that same caliber. And then there are the powers of seduction and the charisma of these two artists, which lead us to believe that plenty of surprises are still in store!!!!

The background of this story is also an important part of the originality of this film. What could, in fact, be more appealing than the universe of French gastronomy? It is part of our nation's cultural heritage, a coveted domain that contributes to our country's reputation well beyond its borders.

Alexandre, the world-famous chef who has almost forgotten that he has a 22-year-old daughter living with him, and Jacky, the genius kitchen assistant whose pregnant wife longs for him to find serious gainful employment, will run up against each other throughout the story, but finally find themselves working toward the same goal: professional fulfillment and harmony in their private lives.

We are convinced that audiences will enjoy getting to know these two appealingly flamboyant characters as presented by Daniel Cohen, whose camera will cleverly guide us though Paris.

Cuisine, According to..

Jean Reno"I'm lucky enough to have a job that gives me the opportunity to travel and that opens doors. The fact is, I love good eating. Food is important, but so is the idea of sharing it. Many things are born at a table, friendships in particular. You don't eat with people you don't like. There is therefore a particular relationship with food. Emotion is never very far, whether for those with whom you eat or for those for whom you cook."

Michael Youn"I'm a great fan of good food, whether preparing it or eating it. I love to cook things as varied as canard à l'orange, green lasagne, blanquette de veau, daube Provençale, all kinds of things in sauces that simmer a long time, and fish too. In fact, I cook primarily Mediterranean, with lots of garlic and olive oil"