Kid Tough Digital Camera

Kid Tough Digital Camera

The Kid Tough Digital Camera is the first digital camera that is tough enough to handle even the roughest playtime and will help to nurture creativity.

The 1.5" colour preview screen allows you to instantly see the picture you've taken, as well as to view and/or delete previous shots. While the camera has duel handle grips and two eye-viewing that makes it easy to operate, the durable design protects both the camera and the screen.

Kid Tough™ Digital Camera
Age: 3+ Years
RRP: $149.99

Review: Children love to imitate, and what better way than to capture memories, moments and their favourite things. The Kid Tough Digital Camera, by Mattel is a lasting gift that children can enjoy continually. They may even outshine you with the perfect picture.

Durable, reliable and of course Kid Tough with quality manufacturing, Kid Tough Digital Camera is a great gift idea all year round.