Bratz Fashion Designer

Bratz Fashion Designer

Bratz™Have Their Designs on Fashion

Have you got a Passion 4 Fashion?

The Bratz™ have always been a step ahead of the fashion pack with their edgy urban styles.

If there's one thing they believe in it's that fashion isn't just about looking spectacular, it's about expressing your personality and creativity through styles, colours, trying new things and adding that little something extra that makes you stand out from the crowd.

And now, you too can create your ultimate fashion designs with the Bratz™ Fashion Designer.

The sketchbook shows you how, and with all the supplies you need to draw, trace, cut out and decorate, you'll be creating your own unique Bratz eye-catching outfits.

Bring your designs to life on the Bratz™ Fashion Designer doll by embellishing to your creative heart's content with glitter, beads, metallic fabric and sequins.

Who knows, your passion 4 fashion could one day be unearthed? Playing with your Bratz™ Fashion Designer today.... unveiling your creative designs at a Fashion Show tomorrow...!!

But why wait? Right now you have the most amazing chance to "Become A Bratz Fashion Designer". Visit for all the details on how you could create the first ever Australian Bratz-fan designed Bratz doll!

You could win the chance to have your very own fantastic and fashionable design actually made and released as a Bratz doll. People all over Australia will be able to buy and play with your very own, specially designed Bratz doll!

Start designing now and show us your talent!

The huge success of the inaugural 2007 Bratz Passion 4 Fashion Designer Awards™, which received more than 5,800 entries from all over the country, proves that a diverse range of talent does exist amongst Australia's budding fashion designers.

The overall Passion 4 Fashion Design Awards™ Junior winner, 16-year-old Meg from Tasmania, caught the judge's eye for her design that was considered by Judges to be wearable for young kids as well as being fashion forward.

Your passion 4 fashion and lots of practice with your Bratz™ Fashion Designer doll, might just lead you to a career in design too! You could become the next Bratz™ Fashion Designer!

The Bratz™ Fashion Designer is now available from leading retailers and specialty toy stores.

RRP: $49.95