Karmine Leather Slides range

Karmine Leather Slides range

An Australian family owned business is creating a capsule of enduring fashion, that is sustainable and produces high-quality, durable handcrafted kangaroo leather product.

Karmine Leather curates the ethically sourced material into a beautiful range of fashionable and on-trend crafted luxury slides, slippers and boots for ladies and men, along with fashion tote bags and clutches.

With winter arriving today, it's the boot that is gaining all the attention and becoming the star of the Karmine show. Matching other fashion trends this season, practical footwear is on the list for AW20 purchases.

The Karmine boots are a long term wardrobe investment and not designed as a fast-fashion purchase. The kangaroo leather is a renewable natural resource that is sustainable over the long term and an outstanding green, natural alternative to synthetics.

The boots are available as ankle, mid and long-length styles in up to 10 colours, designed to transition from an inside boot to streetwear by taking your indoor look outdoors.

Boots and dresses are two peas in your wardrobe pod, wear with a floral maxi dress and long jacket, or silk skirt, shirt and chunky jacket. Jeans and a blazer are the classic go-to, and with these boots being water resistant you can dance in the rain as much as you like!

Just ahead of the new season colours and launch of the AW20 footwear line, the Australian owned and made business has seen their small production team increasingly keeping up with the demand of their made-to-order boots.

Karmine Leather founder, Ray Borda, said that sustainability and minimising waste was a key driver behind the decision to build upon his existing business and was something that people were looking for in purchase of their products.

"People are drawn to us being an Australian business, and they want to move away from synthetics and fast-fashion. This product is a long-term product that will only become softer, textured and individual the longer you have them," said Mr Borda.

The products are inspired by the authentic Australian way of life and are comfortable, exceptionally durable and the strongest and lightest natural leather available. The Karmine Leather range is locally designed and handcrafted products that are lightweight, water, stain and heat resistant, and easy to clean.