Joanne Rose Vegan Vision Interview

Joanne Rose Vegan Vision Interview

Joanne Rose Vegan Vision Interview

Vegan Vision Productions is giving fans an exclusive look at Season 2 of the multi award-winning sketch comedy web series.
The official trailer was made available first on YouTube:

The highly acclaimed series was created and written by Joanne Rose and produced by her production company Vegan Vision Productions; whose mission is to inspire compassion and entertainment. Rose, who hails from Melbourne, Australia and based in Los Angeles, is a longtime vegan and animal rights devotee.

Vegan 101 is the first vegan sketch comedy on the internet. The series which launched online in mid 2009, recently won three outstanding achievement awards at LA Web Fest 2011.

In the new season, Oscar-nominated actor and vegan Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, The Expendables), stars as Dr. Eaton Wright, in a hilarious look at what happens when Dr. Wright takes the vegan lifestyle by storm with his TV show "Eating Right" to promote vegan awareness inside and outside of the vegan community using risqué and oddball antics. Dr. Wright is joined by his quirky and clingy wife, Erica Sprout-Wright (played by Rose).

Rose explains "People love to laugh and be entertained. It's a way of educating others about veganism through unconventional ways, which may inspire others to adopt a healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle through popularity and fascination with compassionate living. With entertainment, people won't shun away."

Rose said of Roberts, "[He] gives a side splitting performance as Dr. Eaton Wright and will have audiences in fits of laughter". She adds that Roberts is "an incredibly talented and versatile actor whose passion and dedication to the craft is evident in each role he takes on and his commitment to the vegan lifestyle and animal rights was the ultimate choice for Season 2".

The much-anticipated second season also features music by the gifted talent of Keaton Simons who is Roberts' step son (mother is actress, Eliza Roberts).

Interview with Joanne Rose

Question: Can you tell us about Vegan 101?

Joanne Rose: The series launched online in mid 2009. The show consists of exaggerated parodies of veganism from all walks of life in various situations through stand alone sketches to combine both fun and vegan knowledge. The story lines will inspire others to see the comedy in aspects of their lives and may inspire you to go vegan.

Question: What inspired you to create Vegan 101?

Joanne Rose: People love to laugh and be entertained. It's a way of educating others about veganism through unconventional ways. I hope the word 'vegan' becomes a strong part of global vocabulary, which will inspire others to learn about the lifestyle through curiosity and fascination. With entertainment, people won't shun away.

Question: When will we see Vegan 101 on Australian televisions?

Joanne Rose: The series can be seen online through our US distributor and Youtube. We just released three brand new episodes from Season 2 starring Oscar-nominated actor, Eric Roberts.

Question: How did you go about creating Vegan Vision Productions?

Joanne Rose: I founded Vegan Vision Productions in 2009 to create my own projects. It is a New Media production company inspiring compassion and entertainment.

Question: How does it feel to win awards for a show you created?

Joanne Rose: I am extremely honored and feel very blessed.

Question: What made you decide to become a Vegan? Do you find the lifestyle hard?

Joanne Rose: I became a vegan in 1994 for animal rights purposes. I was always a huge animal lover. I was a great fan of River Phoenix and learned more about the vegan lifestyle through interviews he had done. I adjusted to the vegan lifestyle very easily. Back in the 1990's, vegan foods were still only available in health stores. It is wonderful to see how available vegan products are in supermarkets today.

Question: What is your favourite vegan meal?

Joanne Rose: I enjoy Macrobiotic-Vegan meals.

Question: What made you decide to move to Los Angeles from Australia?

Joanne Rose: I first moved to the US back in 1995 and lived back and forth for my modeling career. In 2004 I settled in LA to focus on acting. I eventually transitioned in to writing / producing too.

Question: What do you miss about Australia?

Joanne Rose: Family and the laid back lifestyle.

Question: What other projects are you currently working on?

Joanne Rose: I am writing new sketches for Season 2.