Jakers! Song of the Banshee

Jakers! Song of the Banshee
Welcome to Raloo Farm in Ireland, where a spunky eight-year-old pig named Piggley Winks is always on the lookout for adventure, along with his best friends, Ferny the Bull and Dannan the Duck.

This is the world of Jakers!, where the charm of Irish storytelling meets state-of-the-art 3D CGI animation.

The third DVD release from Jakers!, namely Song of the Banshee, includes these four charming stories:

Teacher Creature - Young Piggleys insecurity rises when he discovers that his teacher, Mr. Hornsby, is coming to his house for supper. Piggley is certain hes going to “grade” the Winks family and that theyll come up woefully inadequate!

Mollys Dolly - A series of odd circumstances convinces Piggley that Mollys new doll is actually a real leprechaun in disguise! Piggley and his friends set out to prove his theory and try to catch the leprechaun at his own game.

Song of the Banshee - When Piggley, Ferny and Dannan hear strange noises in the barn, Piggley decides its the 'song of the banshee' -which frightens Dannan more than she wants to admit!

Our Dragons Egg - Piggley, Ferny and Dannan rescue an errant egg - which they decide must be a dragons egg. They hatch all kinds of plans to keep the egg safe, but when the creature inside emerges, it turns out to be a not-so-sweet wild swan chick.

As Seen on ABC TV.

Review: Loveable, Fun and mischievous, with a catchy opening tune that kids will love time and time again.

RRP: $14.95
Jakers! Song of the Banshee, Volume Three of this whimsical series is available through ABC Shops, ABC Centres, ABC Online www.abcshop.com.au