How To Legally Reduce Your Tax

How To Legally Reduce Your Tax

How To Legally Reduce Your Tax

... without losing any money!

Discover how the rich use company and trust structures to protect their assets and minimise their tax.

This book is a must for business owners and investors!

Tony Melvin and Ed Chan have simplified and summarised everything you need to know about tax legislation in an easy, yet comprehensive guide.

This 2011 revised edition contains advice and information that can help you save money, including:
The best business structure for you.
Reasons not to buy an investment in your own name.
The seven types of trust and how to use them.
How to protect your assets from lawsuits, taxes and creditors.
Passing your wealth on to your children; how to have it protected for generations.
Why tax is a game which can be played by everyone, not just the wealthy.
Frequently asked questions.

A practicing accountant with over 25 years' experience, Ed Chan is a partner in the successful accounting firm Chan & Naylor. In 2008 Chan & Naylor won the BRW prestigious 'Fastest Growing Accountancy Firm in Australia' and the expansion has seen offices open in four states in Australia.

Tony Melvin is a former Managing Director of Chan & Naylor.

How To Legally Reduce Your Tax
Harper Collins Australia
Authors: Ed Chan and Tony Melvin
ISBN: 9780732291891
Price: $21.99