High Crimes

High Crimes
Genre: Drama
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Rating: TBC
Directed by: Carl Franklin
Produced by: Jesse Beaton, Lisa Henson, Arnon Milchan, Janet Yang, Jesse Beaton-Franklin
Written by: Yuri Zeltser, Cary Bickley, Susan Shilliday
Running time: TBC
Starring: Ashley Judd, James Caviezel, Morgan Freeman and Amanda Peet, Juan Carlos Hernandez, Bruce Davison, Tom Bower, Michael Gaston.

A happily married, successful lawyer Claire Kubrick (Ashley Judd) is shocked to learn that her husband (Jim Caviezel) has a hidden past as a classified military operative and is accused of committing a heinous war crime.

Claire must wrestle with her own doubts about her husband's guilt as she defends him in a top-secret military court where none of the rules she knows apply.

Claire realizes she needs help from someone who knows the rules - and is willing to break them. She enlists the aid of a "wild card": Charlie Grimes (Morgan Freeman), a former military attorney who relishes the opportunity to take on the very hierarchy that disgraced him years earlier.

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