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Herbies Spices
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745 Darling Street, Rozelle 2039 (Sydney) Phone 02 9555 6035 Fax 02 9555 6037

Ian Hemphill is Herbie and has been since he was tagged with the nickname as a schoolboy. As heir to Australia's herb dynasty it has proven to be both his name and his destiny. Herbie has created a one-stop shop for the wides range of dried herbs, spices and blends in the southern hemisphere. Between Ajowan Seeds and Za'atar there are some 350 items for culinary use plus you'll get the know-how to handle these sensuous seasonings. Most are from overseas but ground locally and Herbie's create their own blends, some with up to 30 ingredients. Next-door is a specialised nursery for herbs and spice plants.

Prize - Ian Hemphill's book Spice Notes. The culmination of a life's work, Spice Notes is Ian Hemphill's definitive guide to culinary herbs and spices. Valued at $50, along with Stephanie Alexander's Cooks Companion, this book is fast becoming a kitchen essential.

Opening up a whole new world of stylish, weird and wonderful products. Every store listed in the new edition of Shopping Secrets has been especially chosen on the merits of being a unique and creative retail environment, thus being well worth the trip to the other side of town. From a mystical haunted bookshop, to an eclectic vintage garments store to where to find gourmet speciality chocolates or funky beanbags, this guide offers something for anyone who had a penchant for retail therapy, or exceptionally different pressies (that includes for yourself of course!). And as authors Michelle Matthews and Marinella Padula would tell you the guys have not been forgotten, by using the guide they too can treat themselves by tracking down outlets which showcase exquisite Cuban cigars or Italian racing cars.

Beautifully written and complimented by a stunning collection of photography that gives you a sense of almost being there already, Shopping Secrets: Melbourne 2001 comes complete with maps, an events calendar , and even a list of boutique hotels, no retail urge goes unsatisfied. So what are you waiting for? Grab this latest edition and unlock Melbourne's best kept, shopping secrets.

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