Nitty Gritty Board Game from After 8 Games

Nitty Gritty Board Game from After 8 Games

A hilarious new board game from After 8 Games.
Reveal how well you know your best friend, lover, sister, husband, mother, father or best friend's lover's sister's husband.

If you have listened to your teammate's boring childhood stories, put up with their opinions, know their tastes, and listened to their secrets you could be the first around the board.

Team up with someone you know well, (or think you do), read out a question, let your teammate write down their answer first, then take a wild guess at what their answer was. If you don't want to answer the question, you can LIE.

There are over 1000 questions that are sure to raise a laugh and the old argument or even turn some heads, every time.

Do they know if you've ever been skinny dipping or what movie you'd most like to have the starring role in? Do they know what your favourite perfume is or whether you'd give up chocolate for $100,000? Forever.

Review:If you really want to shake things up pick the second category which is full of sexual questions, that no one really wants to answer the truth about. Hilarious, finally some control over my father's repetitive stories. What a great idea for a game, gets better with a few drinks.