Monogamy Board Game

Monogamy Board Game

Whether you're looking for a naughty adventure, mischievous fun or something to add some spice to the old love life, MONOGAMY is for you!

Recently awarded Adult Board Game of the Year, MONOGAMY offers the promise of a hot affair ... with your partner and many great evenings at home with the one you love.

This classy relationship game is a fun way to keep communication going between couples and allow them to try new and exciting intimacies. After the first few years of romance, couples tend to find that naughty lingerie and nights exploring each other's erogenous zones can be forgotten and replaced by arguments over whose turn it is to buy the frozen peas.

Monogamy can be played on a number of different levels, depending on how you both feel. If you feel like a romantic and fun night, you can play at the first two levels. If you're both feeling naughty, just shuffle the fantasy cards and go for it! With over 400 ideas at three progressive levels and fifty fantasies, the game can be enjoyed over and over! The game climaxes after the first player to makes it around the board 3 times - they win the chance to have one of their fantasy cards played out. So there are no losers in Monogamy.

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