Fiebiger Instant Nail Effects

Fiebiger Instant Nail Effects
Many year ago, the Fiebiger sisters were sightseeing around London when they came across a fantastic make up brand. They stocked up on bright lipsticks, nail polishes and glosses that they couldn't find anywhere in Australia. When their reserves started running low they sat down and hatched a plan to bring these amazing products down under.

Sold exclusively via their Facebook Shop, the Fiebiger sisters will be offering affordable, colourful lipsticks, glosses and nail polishes ranging from $9-$12. Starting with....

Instant Nail Effects in Black
Instant Nail Effects is a black top coat that crackles and creates this amazing effect on your nails in seconds and with one simple stroke! Use any colour of your choice as a base coat (we recommend using a light or very bright colour) and use a clear top coat for a glossy look or leave as is for a matte look.
It's very fun to watch the Instant Nail Effects in action - just make sure you already have a colour underneath and we highly recommend a clear top coat to give it a glossy look.
$12 + shipping.