Add the Femail Button to your Google Toolbar v4

Femail button on Google v4 Toolbar

Google Toolbar users can simply add the Femail button. When the Femail button is clicked, it will search the site for any pages and articles that match the search query. A great way to expand your search.

NOTE: Google Toolbar v4 is only available for Windows 2000 or XP with Internet Explorer 6


How do I add the Femail button to my Google Toolbar?

You can add the Femail icon to the Google Toolbar by saving the Femail xml file.
Then save XML file to your computer into this location:

X:\Documents and Settings\your_username\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Custom Buttons\

where X is the letter of your hard drive.

Alternatively, you can click here to install the Femail button automatically.


If you do not have the Google v4 Toolbar Installed

Download the ToolbarBrowser IE Search Toolbar with Femail and Google Search now!