Erika Heynatz Health and Pregnancy Interview

Erika Heynatz Health and Pregnancy Interview

Erika Heynatz Health and Pregnancy Interview

Question: Congratulations on your pregnancy; when are you due?

Erika Heynatz: I'm due in December, not long to go!

Question: What have you found most challenging about pregnancy?

Erika Heynatz: I've learned that life doesn't necessarily slow down when you're pregnant! Days can feel very long when you're more tired than normal so for me it has been important to make sure I'm feeling my best to keep on top of everything. Taking the right supplements, such as the 100% natural psyllium in Metamucil, have been crucial in keeping up my mojo.

Question: And, what have you enjoyed the most, so far?

Erika Heynatz: I love the way that women gout of their way to celebrate every stage of pregnancy with you. Strangers offer their support, often in the form of compliments, advice and reassurance on days when you're feeling out of sorts. It's like you inherit this whole new tribe of people backing you and sharing in the excitement. That's a really special feeling.

Question: How have you used Metamucil during your pregnancy?

Erika Heynatz: I take Metamucil daily – it's really easy to take with a glass of water and tastes great. I like to have mine in my morning vegetable juice. I took the Metamucil Two Week Challenge when I fell pregnant and it has definitely helped me feel lighter and more active.

Question: Can you talk us through your weekly exercise routine?

Erika Heynatz: I like to keep active during the week, usually 5-6 days per week a light walk or gentle swim on Sunday. My weekly exercise routine includes prenatal yoga & Pilates, as well as cardio work that doesn't put too much pressure on my joints.

Question: How has your weekly exercise routine changed since becoming pregnant?

Erika Heynatz: I found that walking started to increase my back & hip pain, so I bought a second hand spin bike and use it as my main form of cardio. I've also focussed more on yoga – it's essential for strengthening and lengthening out the aches and pains, keeping clam and balancing hormones. Gentle stretching, breathing exercises and meditation have become an integral part of my exercise routine during my pregnancy.

Question: Can you share with us your Pregnancy Healthy Eating Plan?

Erika Heynatz: What I eat has a huge impact on how I feel. Eating well is a top priority – but I make sure to enjoy a few treats every now and again! I also make sure I drink lots and lots of water –hydration is so important during pregnancy.

I start each morning with a cup of hot water with juice of one lemon and 2 teaspoons chia and a vegetable juice. I then have either a Vanilla Protein smoothie with oats or Breakfast Burrito with 2 whole eggs, avocado, home-made salsa (tomato, capsicum, lime juice, shallots), beans, chilli, coriander and cheese if I fancy a change.

Mid-morning Snack
About 2-3 hours after breakfast, I have my mid-morning snack. My favourite is a small bowl of my own mix from Scoop Wholefoods: dried figs, Inca berries, almonds, Brazil nuts, goji berries, cashews.

To get me through to the afternoon, I like a light salad with plenty of protein. Serina tuna in oil or a boiled egg are my go-to protein choices. I've been wanting more sour foods throughout my pregnancy, so I add lemon, pickles and apple cider vinegar to give it a tangy lift.

Mid-afternoon Snack
At about 3pm I replenish my energy again. I love salted air-popped popcorn or fruit, or a glass of Wild Berry Metamucil for another boost of fibre.

For dinner, I choose from three main proteins and try to stock my plate with greens. It's important to finish your day with a rich source of protein so I switch between grilled chicken, lamb or fish with plenty of salad and vegetables. My favourite at the moment is grilled salmon with steamed veggies.

I've become addicted to icy poles, a great craving to have as the weather gets warmer.

Weekend Treats
It's important to listen to your body and not feel guilty about taking a day off. On the weekend I like to treat myself to a hamburger, pizza or sushi.

Question: What have you found has kept you feeling your best during the last trimester of pregnancy?

Erika Heynatz: I have found that listening to my body and knowing my limits has kept me feeling good during my pregnancy. I like to keep busy – but no matter how much energy you have, it's very hard not to feel more tired than usual in the third trimester. If I need a nap, I take one, or if that yoga workout feels too much, I skip it. Lots of fresh air and sunshine make me feel energised. I also take Metamucil to help me feel lighter and more active.

Question: What are your top 10 -feel-good' essentials during pregnancy?

Erika Heynatz: Organic Tan - Vani_T Velocity is great for achieving a flawless summer glow. I use it at least once a week to enhance and feel confident in my own skin.

Metamucil – It's so easy to take with a glass of water and tastes great. I started with the Metamucil Two Week Challenge but it's now a part of my daily wellness routine. It's made from 100% natural psyllium fibre which cleanses from within.

Herbal Tea - Herbal tea is a great way to rehydrate and cleanse. I love green tea in particular, as it's a wonderful antioxidant & delicious served iced and sweetened with stevia as well.

Foam Roller - My roller reduces muscle tension I've felt in pregnancy, especially in the hips, back and calves.


Concealer - A lifesaver in the 3rd trimester when sleep is illusive! I love IT concealer.

Soft clothing - Lulu Lemon Yoga pants have a soft waist band great for mummies to be! They give a gentle support across the lower back too. I also love my Scanlan Theodore black wool crepe dress, its super stretchy but still elegant enough to dress up for night occasions when nothing else in the wardrobe fits over the watermelon


Inflatable pool ring - Hard not to feel silly lugging it around, but this is good to swim with, sit on during mediation and use as rest pillow.

NETFLIX - Sometimes you just have to kick back and relax – indulging in a Netflix box-set is a perfect escape.


Body brushing & Epsom Salts - These have numerous health benefits, the body brushing is great for relieving fluid retention and the salts ease tense muscles.

Essential oils - These really help me to sleep – I love lavender in particular to cure insomnia and calm the nerves.

Interview by Brooke Hunter