2XU Active Maternity Range

2XU Active Maternity Range

2XU Active Maternity Range

Combining the best of its world-leading compression technology, 2XU have launched a new Active Maternity range designed to provide support, flexibility and protection to help women remain active, strong and comfortable during and post pregnancy.


Providing targeted support for areas subject to strain including the lower back and pelvic floor muscles, the range of shorts, full length and three quarter compression tights also promote blood circulation which can help to reduce swelling during pregnancy. Helping to boost energy and reduce discomfort overall, the range will help women stay active to best prepare their body for labour, birth and recovery. 


'Giving birth is like running a marathon," said Fitwise physiotherapist and pre and postnatal exercise specialist, Claire Ryan. 'It requires stamina, determination and focus, and staying active and healthy will help prepare you for the hard work that lies ahead," she said. 


According to 2XU, there was a gap in the market for reliable, comfortable and effective compression garments for pregnant and postnatal women looking for some support to help alleviate the varied musculoskeletal issues that occur during this period.


 'While there are other maternity braces, hosiery and tights available, 2XU has combined practicality with comfort and style," Claire said. 


Specifically designed for the changing needs of the body, 2XU have launched both a pre-natal and post-natal range:



Designed for focused support and all day comfort, 2XU's pre-natal tights feature a tummy panel made from highly breathable and seam free material which grows with you during pregnancy.

The powerful PWX graduated compression fabric targets the lower back to support the upper body, while enhancing posture and breathing.  The leg compression enhances blood flow and circulation, which reduces swelling in the ankles and feet, and the tights also support the pelvic floor with a double-layer 70D compression fabric.


With a high, wide waistband and single front panel to improve comfort and help support caesarian scars, a double layer of PWX fabric also supports and promotes recovery of the abdominal wall.

PWX and Powermesh fabrics target the lower back to in turn support the upper body, the pelvic floor is again supported, and the graduated leg compression enhances circulation to reduce swelling in ankles and feet.

With prices starting from $165, the range will be available online, in store and at selected 2XU retailer

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