Energi To Go Mobile Phone Recharger

Energi To Go Mobile Phone Recharger

New Energi To Go™ ensures phones never go flat again

Severe disruption to life, panic attacks and feelings of loss and helplessness. All emotions which, according to a new piece of research released today by Energizer®, are experienced by 83% of Australians when they lose the use of their mobile phone. In fact, so keen are we as a nation to avoid the inconvenience that a staggering 40% would prefer to lose $30 than the use of their mobile phone for one day.

To mark the launch of Energizer®'s new portable mobile phone charger, Energi To Go™, which promises to give mobile phones a new lease of life, the nationwide research reveals the level of dependency Australians have on their mobile phones. 3 in 4 of those surveyed claim that they rely on their mobile phone more than their own mother - who gave them life!

Alongside the feeling of panic and the inconvenience, there is the more serious issue of safety and of not having an operational mobile phone with you. One third of young people reported having "been left stranded" because of a dead mobile phone battery. And nearly half of those surveyed confessed to arguing with their partners as a result of not being able to call or text due to a flat battery.

Rachel Pullicino, Group Brand Manager Energizer® commented, "With the demands that the latest technology puts on mobile phones today, it is not surprising to find that around 2 million mobile phone users experience a flat battery once a week or more often. As a solution to the problem of being caught on the go and away from your traditional charger, Energizer® has launched Energi To Go™ which is a new instant, portable mobile phone charger, which gives you and your phone a new lease of life by providing immediate power, anywhere you go, at anytime."

The biggest concerns by those who lose the use of their mobile phone due to a flat battery are that they will miss an important call (95%) or that without their mobile phone they don't know many, if any, of their telephone numbers, even those of family, friends or work colleagues (90%).

Compatible with all major phone brands and running off two of Energizer's longest lasting AA Lithium batteries for optimum performance, Energizer Energi To Go™ is a small lightweight device that offers up to 9 hours of extra talk time, once your phone battery has gone flat.

Energizer® Energi To Go™ is priced at $34.95 and is sold in all major grocery, variety and hardware outlets. Energizer AA lithium batteries are available in either a 2 pack for $12.99 or 4 pack for $19.99.