Dunkeld's Royal Mail Gourmet Trail

Dunkeld's Royal Mail Gourmet Trail

Dunkeld's Royal Mail Gourmet Trail

The Royal Mail Hotel in Dunkeld, known for its dining experiences and pristine, natural surroundings on the Southern tip of the Grampians, will combine light exercise with food and wine as part of a new winter event: The Royal Mail Gourmet Trail on Saturday August 6, 2016.


Nature loving foodies will enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable walk from 11am – 1pm, taking in sights around historic Mt Sturgeon station along the private trails of the foothills whilst indulging in canapes and beverages prepared by the Royal Mail Hotel's award-winning Executive Chef Robin Wickens, making for an indulgent, yet refreshing journey.


Those taking part in the Grampians Peaks and Trails Run the following day on Sunday August 7, 2016 can enjoy an indulgent pre-event 'warm up" ahead of the major event.


The Royal Mail Gourmet Trail

Mt Sturgeon Station at The Royal Mail Hotel

Saturday 6th August 2016 from 11am – 1pm  

Book via the website: http://www.royalmail.com.au/event/peaks-trails-gourmet-trail/

$115.00 per person

Weekend accommodation at the Royal Mail Hotel starts from $245.00 per night


For more information about the Royal Mail Hotel visit www.royalmail.com.au