Donna Hay Magazine Issue 46

Donna Hay Magazine Issue 46

Donna Hay Magazine Issue 46

26 Easy Menus
From casual to chic.
From start to finish.

Because sharing good food, wine and conversation at home is the new going out, we've put together a very special issue designed to put the ease back into entertaining. From versatile starters to easy mains, sides and desserts, we have everything covered in a step-by-step guide. Or mix and match courses ot create your very own menu.

Nibbles- elegant morsels
Leave your guests wanting more with a selection of simple nibbles you can match to any menu or occasion. From quick fired mozzarella and olive finger sandwiches to miniature Yorkshire puddings with roast beef, these little treats set the scene.

Mains - midweek meals to chic dinner parties
Try a simple classic- falling-off-the-bone rosemary roasted lamb. Or try bold flavours and textures, like a silky salmon and fennel lemon risotto, or the ultimate indulgences- a rib-eye steak with mustard cream sauce.

Sides- amp up the main course
More than the support act for the main course tries these new twists on everybody's favourites, like olive oil mash and fragrant, crispy herb potatoes. Or opt for decadent mushroom and couscous parcels or fresh balsamic greens.

Desserts- do-ahead delights
From light and delicate to rich and satisfying, making lasting impressions with these desserts, such as lemon mousse with vanilla meringue, chocolate caramel tart or vanilla pannacotta.

Donna Hay Magazine
Issue 46