Choose Eco Swimwear for National Recycling Week

Choose Eco Swimwear for National Recycling Week

During National Recycling Week (November 11th - 17th) Australians look for more ways to engage in and support recycling and the Eco range of swimwear from Funky Trunks and Funkita does just that. Made from used plastic bottles, the Eco range offers styles and prints for the whole family. As well as giving new life to waste and reducing their environmental impact, the swimwear fabric retains the superior quality, exceptional colours and chlorine resistance that Funky Trunks and Funkita are known for.

With a staggering one million single-use plastic bottles purchased around the world every minute, it's time to be part of the solution and make environmentally conscious choices. The Eco C-Infinity fabric is made by collecting used plastic bottles, washing and chopping them into flakes, melting the flakes to form a chip and melting the chip to make the recycled fabric fibres that are knitted to create the yarn. This process emits fewer greenhouse gases and conserves water and energy compared to the process of creating new virgin fibres.

"From the first pair of Funky Trunks sewn 17 years ago, we have always wanted to be part of the solution to combat throwaway fashion by producing garments that are high quality and durable. With new technology it's exciting that we can now use throwaway plastic bottles in our production process to make our long-lasting swimwear," explained Duncan McLean, Funky Trunks and Funkita founder.

"From banning single use coffee cups in our office to reducing our use of single use packaging, we are constantly seeking ways to reduce our footprint in the production and delivery of our products. Where plastic packaging is required, we are trialling a technology that converts plastic into materials which degrade and then biodegrade in the environment leaving nothing more than CO2, water and biomass for fungi to feed on. This oxo-biodegradable plastic could be part of the solution to our war on plastic waste, especially the millions of tons of plastic that end up in our oceans."

The Eco range is now available.
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