Chicken Rescue Centre

Chicken Rescue Centre

What is the Chicken Rescue Centre?

The Chicken Rescue Centre is in no way connected with any animal rights or liberation group but it IS dedicated to the rehabilitation of intensively farmed hens to the free-range system, and also adopts unwanted pet chickens. When the battery hens arrive, they are in a sorry state: featherless, sometimes beakless, under-weight and petrified of everything, from the ground they walk to the very eggs they lay.

The Chicken Rescue Centre is the first and only sanctuary in the UK dedicated to chickens.

This voluntary organisation is run purely on public donations, sponsorship and the sale of its free-range eggs. Without such goodwill, the centre cannot survive and the unique humanitarian and educational role it serves will disappear.
Why does it need help?

First it has to survive. This year, with the 6 months constant wet weather in the winter followed by the foot and mouth crises, all the money put aside for projects have been spent on keeping the centre going.

Buying things like; 1 ton of feed per month, paying the field rent etc. Altogether �500 per month. This for most businesses can be accommodated in things like price of goods etc. but for the centre it is crippling and now whatever they receive in egg sales pays for the feed. The need for finances is of the utmost urgency.


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