Why a Dog Is No Longer Just a "Man's” Best Friend!!

Why a Dog Is No Longer Just a

Why a Dog Is No Longer Just a "Man's" Best Friend!!

In today's world, many women are taking more control of their lives, and are not always opting to find a lifelong partner. With women becoming more empowered and choosing a lifestyle that seems a far cry from the past, having a family is not always at the forefront of their minds. In this day and age, women are choosing to pick careers over settling down and making a home.

Women, in general, are taking better care of themselves, with fashion choices at their highest, and the beauty products at their fingertips. Lots of women are making more money now than in previous times, so options and choices are no longer limited. More women own their property than ever before, some even deciding to keep their properties as a fallback, even if they do find themselves getting into a serious relationship.

It has also become apparent that many women are following suit in the fact they no longer need a man to have a family or own a pet. The choices of using surrogates and single person adoption are no longer being frowned upon, finding a man is becoming something that is not a need but rather a want.

Why are more Women choosing Dogs?
With the decision in the home being a woman's own choice, owning animals is also something some are choosing to have as a part of their life. Dogs, in particular, are no longer seen as just family pets, they are providing sources of companionship to many. With pet sitters, and dog walkers now readily available, it is no longer a problem to be out of the home during work hours. Earning your wage ensures that owning a pet does not have to be difficult.

Choosing the correct breed of dog that suits your home life is not as much of an issue either. Breeds tend to change with fashion, so people and women, in particular, are looking at the latest celebrities and following suit. Even designer handbags seem to love dogs, and the handbag dog attracts women that are on their own for a few reasons. One is that they don't need as much exercise, so although in some ways a toy dog is needier in other ways they can also be low maintenance as most people, will allow a small dog into their home.

Different Breeds and their Needs
The smaller breeds of dogs can be fun in many ways with outfit choices, matching raincoats and buggies or handbags to even get them from A to B, owning a dog has also become a fashion statement. Designers are also seeing this in the fashion industry, so are catering for a dog and owner market, specializing in the latest fashion trends, and even hairstyles, becoming a matching pair is not so unusual.

The breed that you choose needs to be researched properly, if you make a bad choice from the get-go it will end up with an unhappy owner and equally an unhappy dog. This is especially true when it comes to rescue dogs, remembering they are a rescue dog for a reason and will come with some problems or difficulty, this could be anything from behavior, separation, or additional eating needs like only eating dry dog food. So be aware of researching the breed thoroughly.

What is Essential to Purchase?
Whilst having a dog can be fun, many decisions can make owning a dog a little stressful in the beginning, so planning and ensuring you have a list, is something that can prove useful. For instance, will you feed them dry dog food, or wet?

Will you purchase a leash that's firm or retractable? Will you purchase insurance or take a chance without it? The list can be endless when it comes to making the correct decision for your pooch, so rather than being caught off guard, having things in writing can help you if you have a list of pros and cons.

Below is a list of things you may need to purchase for your new puppy:

• Dog food
• Leads
• Collar
• Name tag
• Flea and worming tablets
• Water and food bowls
• Training mats
• Brush
• Shampoo
• Wipes for puppies fur
• Coat ( if you have a breed with short fur sometimes this is essential)
• Treats
• Toys
• Blanket

Now while this list may seem like it is not all essential, there are certain things you can't avoid and shouldn't when owning a puppy. A puppy will need stimulation even if you are in the house, so things that will keep your little furry friend's mind occupied will do you a favor in the long run.

Puppies have bursts of energy, and will not understand if you are out or simply too busy at that moment in time to play. Getting them puzzle balls where they need to work to get their reward can keep them busy for ages. Your dog will become something that you will grow to love and adore, so getting off to a good start is imperative.

Meeting your Puppies Needs
The truth is when you get your pup, it will not know the cost of the purchases you make, however, it is always best to look into what you are getting that the correct standards have been met in making your purchase. Things like toys can be dangerous, especially if you are not always supervising when the puppy plays, so making sure you are not buying counterfeit goods is very important. Choking hazards are just as real with pets as they are with babies.

The other thing you could have lots of fun doing is puppy school! Yes, you and the puppy can book into a class once a week or more often and have some great fun. Puppy school will not only let your puppy learn the rules of what they can do indoors and out, it is a fabulous opportunity for you to bond, and show off the fancy collar you purchased for them. The truth is puppies need discipline, if they do not learn what the rules are, how are they meant to know when their behavior is unacceptable?

While a dog is a great companion you have to be equal in understanding your dog as much as you wish them to have an understanding of you. Like all relationships in life, it is a two-way street, the understanding that you have of each other will only work if you can meet all your dog's needs and requirements.

A puppy is in essence like a baby and due to the fact they can not speak to you and tell what they need, much of it can be guesswork at the start of your friendship, this will grow with trust, love, and understanding. It is not enough to only meet the basic needs, you will need to go above and beyond to ensure they know they are safe.

Although having fun with your pup is a must, teaching them rules helps ensure in getting the correct behavior. Having set feeding times and making sure their bowls are clean along with an adequate water supply, helps in setting your puppy with a good knowledge that they do not need to steal food or rip open bins looking for their next meal.

The importance of a routine will ensure they do not become as destructive when they become bored. Exercise is not the only thing that your dog needs when it comes to their health, regular checkups, hygiene, and dental health are just as important. Remember that it may be great to show your new friend off while they are inside your especially adjusted handbag, but they also need to have a good diet and positive mental health.


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