Carpet Courts Pet Proof Flooring

Carpet Courts Pet Proof Flooring

Floors for Paws

Introducing Carpet Court's pet proof flooring, Pinnacle Collection from STAINMASTER™ PetProtect™

One of the biggest issues for homeowners with pets are their paws – even trimmed talons can gouge and scratch hardwood floors, leaving dated vinyl, laminate and tiles as the only recommended options to stand up to daily wear-and-tear from our four-legged friends.

Homeowners won't have to sacrifice style for durability thanks to Carpet Court's fetching new pet friendly and scratch-proof premium hybrid timber flooring range, Pinnacle Collection from STAINMASTER™ PetProtect™.

Brett Talbot, Carpet Court National Merchandise Manager, says the Pinnacle Collection from STAINMASTER™ PetProtect™ has been engineered specifically for busy households with pets in mind.

"The Pinnacle range is durable, easy to maintain and is equipped with Clawshied™ and ActionTraction™ technology – the floor is able to resist scratching from an 80kg Great Dane and is non-slip, so your pets can roughhouse and run to their heart's content without damaging the floor or their joints," Brett says.

"With its waterproof composition, the Pinnacle range also resists absorption, stains and odours from liquid spills – be it wine, coffee or pet accidents. It is even suitable for wet areas, such as the kitchen, bathroom and laundry."

Carpet Court's high-performance Pinnacle range is easy to install – the boards simply 'click, slot and lock' together and 'float' above the sub floor, so minimal preparation is required. Carpet Court's Pinnacle Collection from STAINMASTER™ PetProtect™ is available in eight wooden colours, comes with a Lifetime Residential Warranty and is priced at $59.90 per square metre supply only (excluding installation costs).

No pet is purrfect: How to clean your pet's toilet training accidents

Puppies and kittens are prone to toilet training mishaps. It's important to attend to the accident immediately – the smell of old pee is an attractant where if not cleaned properly off the floor, your dog or cat will be a repeat offender, urinating in the same location again and again. To avoid this paw-tential disaster, below are some floorboard and carpet cleaning tips from Carpet Court National Merchandise Manager, Brett Talbot, to ensure your home doesn't end up smelling like a doghouse.

Step 1: Soak up as much urine as possible using paper towels (use white paper towel only to avoid dye transfers).
Step 2: After you've blotted the area, spray affected floorboards or carpet area with an enzyme-based solution (1-part white vinegar and 1-part cold water) as it neutralises the smell. Note, Carpet Court's Pinnacle Collection hybrid flooring range from STAINMASTER™ PetProtect™ resists absorption, stains and odours from pet accidents where accidents can be cleaned solely with water.
Step 3: Leave the enzyme solution on the affected area for 10 minutes. Blot the affected area with paper towel and leave to dry.
Step 4: Once dry, sprinkle some baking soda over the area and leave for 24 hours as it sanitises the area; then vacuum the area.
Step 5: If discolouration is still evident, repeat steps 2 and 3 with cold water only. Note, this can be done up to four times.
Step 6: If stains or odours fail to respond adequately to treatment on carpet, call a professional carpet cleaner to attend to the area within 48 hours.

• Never wash affected carpet areas with regular soap or cleaning products – if applied immediately after the enzyme treatment this will deactivate the neutralisation process (meaning the smell will remain). Additionally, cleaning products can permanently stain your carpet.

• Do not clean your floorboards with ammonia-based products as the smell can attract your pets to 'mark' the area.
• Do not use a steam mop to clean floorboards.
• Never rub or scrub the stain as it can result in 'fuzzy' carpet areas.
• Do not immediately use a steam cleaner on the affected carpet area, as this can embed the stain and smell into your carpet fibres.

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