Chefs Toolbox Potato Masher

Chefs Toolbox Potato Masher

The stylish masher is another addition to the Chefs Toolbox's fun range of quality and smart kitchen utensils and is a definitive must for mashed potato lovers.

If you're kind to potatoes, they'll be kind to you. Stop pounding. That's the philosophy behind the Chefs Toolbox's masher. The ingenious design uses an ergonomic circular rotating action of the palm to mash potatoes, rather then a strenuous pounding action. It's faster and easier than conventional mashers (50% faster) and creates deliciously soft and fluffy potatoes.

Things to love about the Chefs Toolbox potato masher:

  • Funky design
  • Quicker and easier than other mashers
  • Creates soft and fluffy mashed potatoes
  • No pounding required
  • Comfortable handle is easy to use
  • Dishwasher safe for simple clean-up

    "It's made from moulded plastic which is heat proof up to 140 degrees Celsius. It's specially designed for ergonomic use. Whilst traditional potato mashers force you to grip the shaft of the masher and use a downward mashing action, this one is designed with a short shaft and round handle, which fits neatly in to the palm of your hand, concentrating the full weight of your hand and arm to make mashing easier. You can either choose to use a downward mashing action (like a traditional masher) or use the roll and rotate method, which is lower impact. (The second method requires a completely different action to the traditional pressing and pushing motion and this takes a bit of getting used to. But once you have the knack of rolling and rotating the gadget, potatoes reach a smooth consistency in no time at all).

    Instead of banging it against the pan to dislodge remaining potato (which can damage the pans), you simply shake it from side to side inside the pan and the potato will fall out easily. The masher can also be used in place of a blender for pureeing softer items such as dates (simply pour hot water on top to soften and lubricate)."

    Review: The moment the Chefs Toolbox Potato Masher entered my kitchen it became a talking piece. With a funky design, my children instantly wanted to know what it was and could they have a go..... sure. Let's just say mashing potatoes or vegetables is now child's play as it is so easy, there is no effort involved at all, glides through lumps as if they were already smooth. Love to mash, you will love this handy tool.

    The RRP is $22.

    For more information and great recipe ideas visit: or call 1300 135 816

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