Are you struggling with ideas for your Christmas Party?

Are you struggling with ideas for your Christmas Party?
If the idea of another static, sit-down work function fills you with dread, it's time to book a Cheeky Food Group cooking event. As a Christmas party, your team creates their own restaurant - they'll become the chefs, the waitstaff and finally, the customers!

"It's like My Restaurant Rules in one night," explains Cheeky Food Group Director, Leona Watson. "Cooking together is a wonderful way of getting everyone talking and learning a new skill into the bargain. Where else can the CEO happily chop tomatoes with the PA, or the accounts team flambé prawns with the sales guys? And it's the perfect solution when the group has a variety of cultures, ages and dietary needs."

Beyond the obvious fun and interaction of a cooking event, Leona says that every occasion is tailored to the client's exact needs. "That's what it's all about for us," says Leona. "We want every single person to have a memorable experience and we take particular care that no one feels left out."

In addition to this, client's key messages are woven into the event. For example, if the event is a thank you for a record quarter, this will be communicated using specific analogies that highlight the similarities between their company and a successful 5-star kitchen.

Liz Mellick of Carroll Australasia is one of Cheeky Food Group's biggest fans. She says, "It was a wonderful success. The room was full of smiling, happy faces and everyone (even those who thought they couldn't boil water) worked together under the watchful eyes of Victor and Leona. It suited everyone, regardless of their position - and it was so easy to organise - all we had to do was arrive. We'd love to repeat the experience."

So how does it work? Cheeky Food Group easily facilitates groups of 4-400, providing the food and equipment to work in-house or off-site. All that guests have to do is arrive, ready for some fun. The group will be treated to an entrée, a glass of wine and a brief presentation - then it's straight into the action! Groups are formed and everyone gets chopping, whisking and laughing. The chefs oversee the cooking to ensure everyone is on track with their parts of the menu and teach a few little tricks of the trade along the way. Throughout the event, glasses are kept full, music is pumping and conversation is boisterous. "It's a real party atmosphere," says Leona. "By the time everyone sits down to enjoy their meals as one big group, the energy in the room is remarkable."

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