Cheap Holiday Options

With so many families being affected by the economic troubles, most think that they will have to forgo their Christmas trip this year, that isnt necessarily the case. How can you go away on holidays this Christmas on a budget?

Your Christmas holiday doesnt have to involve jet setting to a far away tropical location by the beach, it can be nearby or bush, it doesnt matter where you holiday too, as long as it is a holiday and it is with family.

How about swapping houses with another family? Do you know someone who lives in an area youd like to stay? Suggest swapping houses. Take along all your own food, towels and sheets and then enjoy the location and surroundings. It will give you a chance to experience a different area to the one youre used to and because you are swapping it will cost nothing! It will cost the same as if you stayed home as you are paying for your own food, all appliances are there also meaning that it is easy to prepare a normal home-cooked meal.

Do you have family that lives quite far away? Why dont you take a small holiday and travel to see them? Your family can give you an insiders view on where are good and what are the best places to go in the area. Or why dont you invite family to stay with you? This is a great way to catch up and enjoy Christmas, you will have an extra hand in the kitchen and it also gives you an excuse to re-visit all the local sights and be your own families tour guide.

Do you know a friend or family member who owns a holiday house? Ask if you can stay there for a week, volunteer to pay a small fee and cover all costs. Bring along all the items you need and relax as it is costing you next to nothing to have a holiday at a lovely holiday house.

Instead of an expensive hotel room why not stay at the local caravan park, in an on-site cabin? Caravan parks have all the facilities that hotels have, plus more. At most parks you will still have a pool, spa, kids playground and wireless internet. If you do your research and pick a good caravan park you will find that many have heaps of activities; such as tennis courts, bicycle hire, recreation rooms, trampolines and wireless internet. You also get more room, more grass areas for children to play on; you may even get a room to do your own washing. At a caravan park you have the facilities to cook your own meals, in your own room, or at the provided BBQs, which mean you are saving dollars, as you dont have to eat out for every meal. You may even find that some parks allow you to bring your family pet.

Christmas time is a warm time of year, so why not camp? Camping is a fairly inexpensive holiday and once you set yourself up with tents and outdoor appliances you can go year after year with hardly any extra cost involved, other than food. Everyone will have fun camping; if it is your first time or you would rather have facilities have your journey worked out before you leave home. Talk to friends that has been camping or a local outdoor and camping store before you go and get some tips for where is best to stay. Make sure you have a check-list so you dont forget anything, including a first-aid-kit, sunscreen and mosquito spray.

So ditch the planes and humid locations this Christmas and have a fun, cheap, family holiday close to home, it will be a vacation you wont forget, for all the right reasons.

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