Patience Philips (HALLE BERRY) is a woman who just won't stand up for herself - and the world is more than willing to step all over her in return. A meek people-pleaser, she squanders her considerable artistic talent in a thankless job as a graphics designer for behemoth cosmetics company Hedare Beauty, a 'youthand beauty at all costs' conglomerate run by the tyrannical George Hedare (LAMBERT WILSON) and his icy supermodel wife, Laurel (SHARON STONE).In a fateful turn of events, Patience's quiet life is forever changed when she overhears a conversation revealing that Hedare's too-good-to-be-true new anti-aging product is too good to be true. Caught in the wrong place at the worst possible time, Patience is murdered to keep Hedare's secret safe.But all is not lost.

Resurrected by mysterious forces, she awakens and she doesn't come back alone. Suddenly gifted with strength, agility and ultra-keen senses, she is no longer just Patience - she is also Catwoman, a seductive creature delicately balancing on the dangerously thin line between good and bad.

Her adventures begin as she goes on the prowl to settle a few scores and have herself some long overdue fun. But Catwoman's exploits quickly complicate Patience's burgeoning relationship with Tom Lone (BENJAMIN BRATT), a handsome cop dedicated to saving the good guys from the bad guys - and the belief that there's no grey area between the two. The detective is falling forPatience,but he can't shake his fascination with the feline fatale who appears to be responsible for a string of crimes being committed throughout the city.As her wild side breaks loose, the line between Patience and her untamed alter ego begins to blur - and neither of them feel like playing by anyone else's rules anymore. Sometimes you have to die to get a life.

Running Time:104 Minutes