Caroline's Lip Balm

Caroline's Lip Balm

Caroline's Lip Balm


The latest product in the Caroline's Skincare range has just been launched, and will change the way you look after your lips.

Specially formulated for conditions such as extremely dry, irritated, flaky, split and chapped lips, as well as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis, Caroline's Lip Balm also has extraordinary results in helping to soothe and prevent cold sores.

Keeping true to the Caroline's Skincare philosophy, Caroline's Lip Balm is all-natural and filled with healing ingredients that not only repair the lips but soften, nourish and restore moisture, and it tastes lovely.

It was only through the incredible success that Caroline Monet's iconic product, Caroline's Cream had on inadvertently treating cold sores that she set to work on creating a balm that would be even more powerful.

'I knew firsthand that my cream would cure eczema as it had cured my own condition, but as more people started using the product it became apparent that it not only treated eczema and dermatitis, but a wide variety of other skin conditions, one of which was the cold sore virus.

'So I decided to research these ingredients further and look at the properties in my cream that specifically impacted on the herpes virus. Once I had isolated these it occurred to me that if I could add some other healing ingredients I may be able to develop a cream or ointment that would work more effectively on the symptoms of cold sores.

'It took a couple of years to find the time to develop the formula and in August 2009 I finally perfected my magic potion.  The remarkable thing was that not only was the balm more effective, it also appeared to break the cycle of the herpes A and B virus completely in less than 24 hours as well as giving relief to the symptoms."

And as people who suffer from cold sores will attest, anything to stop the tingling in its tracks, is a Godsend.

'I suffer quite badly from dry and cracked lips and if I get only one ray of sun on my lips when they are unprotected, I will break out in cold sores, so bad that I can barely open my mouth," says Jane Ryan. 'I was lucky enough to try some of Caroline's Lip Balm and could not believe it. Literally overnight any signs of my imminent cold sore were gone, and as I continued to use the lip balm the condition of my lips improved so much that they are never dry or cracked any more. I cannot recommend the lip balm enough."

Caroline's Lip Balm is suitable for all ages including babies and once you've used it, your lips won't let you be without it.

Caroline's Lip Balm is a specifically formulated balm used by those who typically suffer from extremely dry skin or compromised skin barrier health for example in conditions such as: such as dry, irritated, flaky or cracked skin. It helps to soothe and protect lips affected by cold sores, chapping and dryness.

It is 100% pure and natural and completely fragrance free. It has a pleasant taste and contains an unusually high concentration of herbal extracts and oils, every one individually effective and even more powerful when combined.

Specially formulated for:
Dry and Chapped Lips
Cold Sores

Natural, soothing and healing ingredients include:

Wheat Germ Oil
Borage Seed Oil
Golden Seal root Extract
Calendula flower Extract
Slippery Elm Extract
St. John's Worth Extract
Simple Tincture of Benzoin
Pau D'Arco
Vitamin E (natural)

As with all Caroline's Skincare products the lip balm is not tested
on animals and contains no:

Chemical-based Preservatives
Nut Products
Petro Chemical By-products

Caroline's Skincare products are available from Pharmacies, Health Food Stores, Healthcare Practitioners, Hairdressing Salons and Podiatrists throughout Australia.

RRP - $14.95

See for stockist info or phone 1800 369 273