BeoPlay A2

BeoPlay A2

BeoPlay A2

B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen today unveiled BeoPlay A2 – its first ever Bluetooth speaker – featuring ground breaking innovation, jaw dropping sound and design and a functionality that will leave you speechless.

360 Degrees of Magnificent Sound

Featuring a world's first omni-directional sound solution for a flat speaker, True360, ensures that everyone listening to the ultra-portable speaker enjoys equally good sound – no matter where they're placed.

BeoPlay A2 is a two-channel speaker – with two channels on each side of the device applying a new Bang & Olufsen solution called "Power Response Enhancement". It includes an extra tweeter on the rear side of the main driver that gives you a more even high frequency radiation around the edges.

Combined with the main speaker drivers' omni-directional sound dispersion at low frequencies, this results in what we call a True360 sound experience - powerful, room-filling music in all directions.

The sound profile of the speaker is typical B&O PLAY:

The Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound that is honest, clean and passionate – and delivers all the beautiful details your music has to offer.

24 Hours Battery Life

Hard to fathom, but BeoPlay A2 actually has enough battery power to keep the music and party going for up to 24 hours on a single battery charge – and none of the other speakers of this size and category come even close to matching that amount of playing time.

The rechargeable Li-ion battery inside the speaker features our 'Adaptive Power Management" technology that both monitors and anticipates the incoming audio signal in order to save battery life. This innovative technology makes it possible to feed the exact amount of power needed by the amplifiers – and only when they need it.

Made To Move

Designed by the award-winning Danish industrial designer Cecilie Manz, BeoPlay A2 has a unique flat design with two rugged polymer shells and a rock solid aluminium core that brings cool Scandinavian elegance, acoustic stability and durability.

'BeoPlay A2 was designed for a life on the go – and that has influenced every aspect of the speaker in terms of its design. There is no front, there is no back - and there is no up or down, but there's sound everywhere," says Cecilie Manz.

A short, exchangeable, premium leather strap lets you easily carry the speaker with you wherever you're going – and because of the Bluetooth technology there's no need for an internet connection, just pair your mobile device with the speaker, and you're ready in a matter of seconds.

A Real Game-Changer

BeoPlay A2 is the first Bluetooth speaker from B&O PLAY and Bang & Olufsen – and with a price point of just AUD $479/NZ $549 its a product with lots of potential to make a splash in the market.

'BeoPlay A2 is a ground-breaking product that will set new industry standards, thanks to the innovative True360 sound and the unprecedented 24 hours of battery life," says Henrik Taudorf Lorensen, Corporate VP of B&O PLAY and continues 'but also because you get best-in-class sound quality for this type of product."

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BeoPlay A2 is available in 3 variants: Grey, Green and Black.
BeoPlay A2 will be priced at: AUD$479 & NZ$549.
Short strap AU$49 & NZ$55
Long strap AU$69 & NZ$79