Aussie Jobs head overseas but results are inferior

Nearly one in three businesses in Australia outsources some part of their work overseas, yet a massive 77% of Australians believe that the quality of overseas outsourced work is inferior to that done at home according to a survey by Talent2, Australias leading human resources and recruitment firm.

Contracting work to overseas firms has become an increasingly common practice as globalisation takes affect, yet 66.4% of the 1,713 respondents to the survey say that sending work overseas hurts the Australian economy.

Mr Mark Condon of Talent2 says the jobs most at risk to going overseas are in manufacturing, customer service/sales and IT.

"We live in a global society today, and Australian businesses have been embracing the competitive advantages, such as lower staffing-costs, that international outsourcing can bring."

"45% of Australians say they would reconsider signing up for a service such as a mobile phone or internet contract if they found out that the provider had outsourced their customer service overseas. Businesses need to weigh up whether or not the financial benefits of sending work out of Australia is balanced by the back-lash they may face from customers who want a fully Australian made product or service."

"A record low level unemployment, however, has meant that many firms are forced to outsource work internationally as they simply cannot find the right people willing or able to do certain jobs."

"The trend of outsourcing poses a challenge for workers all over the western world: as workers become more educated they do not want to do some of the more menial jobs which are being outsourced overseas, yet the number of jobs they do want to do is finite."