Attractive And Comfortable Fashion

Attractive And Comfortable Fashion

How To Find Fashion That Is Attractive And Comfortable This Summer

After a year and a half going in and out of lockdowns, it still feels kind of strange to leave the house. The thing that I have had the hardest time getting used to again is how uncomfortable and impractical clothing – and women's clothing in particular – is. It is as if we are being told that if we want to look good, we have to give up feeling good.

But I'm not about to go back to wearing clothes that don't fulfil some of their most essential purposes. That said, I also don't plan on wearing clothing that I don't like the look of. Finding comfortable clothing that looks good requires a difficult balancing act, but it is possible.

Here are some tips for looking good this summer without having to sacrifice your comfort.

Loose fits are in again
In recent months, there has been a trend among Gen Zers on TikTok to mock millennial fashion. One of the things they came after early this year are skinny jeans. Now, something they do not quite understand is that skinny jeans were more than a fashion statement. They were a way of reclaiming our bodies, asserting our right to accentuate our curves with no shame.

However, there is a benefit to Gen Z skepticism, and that is that loose fits are back. There's nothing wrong with wearing skin tight clothing if you feel comfortable in it. But if it just makes you feel hot and bothered, and like you're just not thin enough, let it go. Loose fitting clothing can look great and feel great as well. There is no reason you have to sacrifice one for the other.

Wear practical swimwear
Going to the beach can be intimidating regardless of your body type. There's still this perception that to look good you have to wear as little as possible – while having a body that makes it look like your life is filled by dieting and exercise. This summer, it's time to throw that outdated worldview out the window.

Get yourself swimwear that looks great but is also practical. You can get great Calypsa swimwear that covers more of your body while giving you ease of movement. This swimwear does not require your body to conform to a certain shape, complimenting your body rather than the other way around.

Show skin if it feels good
Summer days can get almost unbearably hot. Wearing tank tops, crop tops, and short shorts is not always about showing your body. Sometimes, it is the most comfortable clothing option.

If showing skin feels too exposing, that's understandable. But there is a power to doing it anyway. You are showing acceptance of your body, affirming to yourself that you look good regardless of whether you look how the fashion industry says you are supposed to. You're embracing comfort and confidence, and that can feel better than any fashion trend.

This summer, find fashion that is both attractive and comfortable. It might be a tough balancing act, but it is possible. If you don't want to show your body, don't. But if you want to wear clothing that exposes skin, no one should make you feel like there's anything wrong with that.


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