Aromatherapy Associates Body Gels

Aromatherapy Associates Body Gels

Aromatherapy Associates Body Gels

Aromatherapy Associates Body Gels are not sticky or greasy but softening and hydrating for the skin available in 3 types:

Revive Body Gel
For those who are concerned about cellulite or simply feeling tired, sluggish and in need of a general detox, Revive Body Gel is a refreshing formulation designed to wake up the circulation and promote the elimination of toxins. This invigorating blend contains the essential oils of pink grapefruit, juniper berry and rosemary with cleansing and skin toning properties and a purifying, stimulating effect to give rapid results to help leave skin smooth, toned and radiantly healthy.

Key ingredients:
Pink grapefruit - stimulates, purifies and encourages elimination of toxins
Rosemary – helps with detoxification and liver support
Juniper berry - invigorates the body – cleansing and purifying
Damask rose water - hydrating, toning and revitalising effects on the skin
Massage Revive Body Gel into the skin daily, or as required, to specific areas such as hips, thighs, stomach, ankles and feet. Can also be applied over tights or stockings, making it a wonderful treat for legs and feet during flights and long periods of travel.

Revive Body Gel (200ml, $72.00)


De-Stress Muscle Gel
This non-oily gel contains essential oils and aromatic waters to help release tension in aching muscles and joints after exercise or a hard day. Particularly effective for those who spend their days at a computer so, for instant relief, keep this in your drawer or on your desk. It's also an essential aid for those undertaking physical training and who suffer the stresses and strains of gardening and other demanding outdoor activities. Skiing or winter sports holiday? This is a suitcase essential! It has a localised soothing and warming effect and can be applied on the spot for immediate relief (within 10 minutes).

Key ingredients:
Lavender essential oil - known anti-inflammatory and analgesic
Ginger and black pepper – are warming and help circulation
Rosemary – circulation stimulant; purifying, warming and soothing to muscles
Lavender and rosemary hydrolats – re-enforce action of essential oils
As well as relieving aches and pains after a physical workout, this gel leaves the skin soft and supple.
For maximum benefit, massage directly over muscles and joints before and after activity.

De-Stress Muscle Gel (150ml, $56.00)

Renew Rose Hydrating Body Gel
A quenching gel for dehydrated and stressed out skin, Renew Rose Body Hydrating Gel softens the skin reducing dryness, helping to restore a natural suppleness. Its light formulation is not sticky or greasy but softening and hydrating for the skin, and scented with the delicate natural fragrance of rose.

Key ingredients:
Damask rose water – skin regenerating properties
Evening primrose oil - with a 10% GLA content, has a highly moisturising and conditioning action:
softening, smoothing and optimising the skin's natural regenerative process
The gel can be applied daily, or as required, after showering or bathing and can be followed by creams or oils for an intensive softening and moisturising treat for skin.
Perfect for hot climates and summer evenings when creams and lotions can be too sticky. It hydrates and softens, and leaves skin beautifully fragranced.
Following sun exposure, use Renew Rose Hydrating Body Gel as an after sun cooler and soother to rehydrate and reduce irritation.

Renew Rose Hydrating Body Gel (200ml, $72.00) or +61(0) 2 9629 5193