Anita Bell Case Study

Read on for some quick pointers taken from Anita Bell's response to Case Study 1.

For the full response win a copy of - YOUR MONEY starting out and starting over, then read chapter 17. (enter below)

  • Sandy quite rightly wants to buy things with which to spoil herself after her living expenses are paid. She's just being tricked into renting things or buying the wrong things; things that don't build wealth or make her her feel better about herself in the longrun.

  • The 'right' outlays for her money might include pubbing it with friends only twice a week rather than six, a new television, a block of land, a superannuation fund for her old age, or the sponsorship of a third world child. The choice is hers.

  • But she does want to go to England next year and she needs about $8000 to do it. So the first thing she has to do is start saving $300 every single pay for the next 26 fortnights!

  • After seven pays, when she's got $2100 saved, she could try what I did to improve her self esteem: ring a stockbroker and buy a minimum parcel of shares in her favourite chain stores.

  • She should grocery shop once a fortnight, at night when she's tired.

  • Wear uncomfortable shoes, or daggy clothes so she wants to get home.

  • Not leave her workplace or a nearby park at lunchtime. Instead she should pack a lunch and read about England. If she can she should work overtime at night, or cut a deal with the boss to work through lunch breaks and go home early.

  • A tip for Sandy and over eager shoppers like her are to never carry more than $20.00 (and a phonecard) in your wallet-just enough to be safe.

  • Every pay you ARE going to buy something special for yourself, but you're going to decide what it is before you go out, and you are going to go to up to six different places to compare prices. When you've found your best price, then you're going to go back and get it.'s favourite tip!

    If you're a shopaholic, stuff your purse with nasties: a mans g-string, a few colourful condoms, a dirty tissue or a dead spider....anything that will make you embarrassed to open it in public.

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