Amber Wilkinson Kind Is Cool Interview

Amber Wilkinson Kind Is Cool Interview

From Being Bullied To Sharing Kindness and Helping Charities

Amber created Kind Is Cool at a time where she lost faith in kindness, believing there was no kindness left in the world. She was bullied by someone of authority that she worked with, it affected her badly.



Interview with Amber Wilkinson, Kind Is Cool

Question: What is Kind Is Cool?

Amber Wilkinson: KIC is a clothing label with slogans for spreading kindness. We print all our clothing from our garage that's turned into a factory!

Our clothing is sourced from a premium supplier here in Australia, who meets all the GOTS ratings and are ethically made with no child labour.

My husband and I print the clothing and our two sons help pack the orders too!

Question: What originally inspired you to create the Kind Is Cool apparel?

Amber Wilkinson: I have never been a fan of t-shirts for kids with silly slogans, and after being bullied in the work place I thought of designing some tees for my boys that promoted kindness and good vibes - you have this black space on clothing why not use it for good!

I designed a number of t shirts and my sister kept asking for one and I thought other people might like them too - KIC was born!

Question: What is your main goal with Kind Is Cool?

Amber Wilkinson: My main goal is to create a kinder world, too teach our younger generation that KIND IS COOL, to remind people that kindness matters.

Kindness is often forgotten and not our initial way we choose to respond, but being kind takes less energy than being mean, sometimes we just need to be reminded of that.

Question: Can you tell us about your experience with bullying?

Amber Wilkinson: I was bullied by my team leader in a corporate environment, for a number of months and it affected me badly.

After leaving the workplace I know I had two options, I could continue to allow it to affect me OR I could do something to bring more kindness into the world.

Since having an online store and connecting with influencers and celebrities, it has made me aware of the seriousness of online bullying also, while I personally haven't experienced it I have seen and been told what goes on and it is simply unacceptable.

Question: What advice do you have for those that might be experiencing a form of bullying?

Amber Wilkinson: I am not a professional trained to deal with bullying - but the advice I can give from personal experience is to talk about, talk to your parents, friends, teachers, managers, professionals, anyone you think that might help.

Stand up to the bully, this doesn't mean inciting violence but don't just ignore it, bullying isn't something that if ignored will go away!

Question: What charities does Kind Is Cool support?

Amber Wilkinson: KIC support Bully Zero, $2 from each item sold is donated to Bully Zero (nonprofit organisation) who work on the frontline to educate and support people around bullying , not only kids but also in the work place, which is close to my heart.

Question: How can we begin spreading kindness, today?

Amber Wilkinson: Kindness is so easy!
It can be a smile to a stranger, a helping hand to someone struggling, a kind word, a compliment so many things!
Not only will it change someone's day it will also change yours!

Question: What's next for you and Kind Is Cool?

Amber Wilkinson: I am a finalisation the Fashion category for the AusMumpreneur Awards 2019, the awards night is later this year so that will be exciting!

Infamous Swim and I have come together and designed a t shirt which we are not only donating to Bully Zero but also to Share the dignity, who also does incredible work to support women in need.

KIC turned one in July 2019, so we are still growing and finding our feet!

We are introducing new clothing to our range and trying to make a difference and make the world a kinder place one t shirt at a time!

Interview by Brooke Hunter