All About The Money, Honey

All About The Money, Honey

Recipes for Financial Success

So many money books are about the rational - solid advice which you intend to follow.... but then life gets in the way. This is the money book for real women, with real issues like the deadly D's - debt, divorce or death of a partner. More than that, it recognizes that most women's attitude to their finances needs a little work.

Faced with a pair of great shoes or a cafe latte in the morning the question of whether we can afford it or not doesn't come to mind. Women need to look at finances in a way that they can relate to, something that will help them understand. Julianne Dowling, financial journalist and the 'Nigella of money' thinks of financial plans as financial recipes - so much of our lives are spent on domestic minutiae, why not look at our finances through a similar filter? Use the best ingredients to get the worthy results.

In 'All About The Money, Honey', Julianne Dowling combines the insights of financial planning professionals with the experience of real Aussie women. She covers superannuation, shares, property, and financing to care for your family and above al modifying your money values through budgeting, goal-setting, saving and spending.

Julianne Dowling has a background in financial services, and has co-founded and sold a successful communications business. She has written for the Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian, Money Management, Australian Property Investor and Notebook Magazine.

John Wiley
Author: Julianne Dowling
ISBN: 9780731406609
RRP: $29.95