3P Learning Digital Accelerator Program

3P Learning Digital Accelerator Program

3P Learning, an ASX listed company and the name behind award winning products such Mathletics and Reading Eggs, is offering a Digital Accelerator Support Package to support teachers across the globe migrate to a digital classroom.

Feedback from a recent survey conducted by 3P Learning found that 78% of teachers felt unprepared for the transition to remote learning citing concerns around keeping students engaged and ensuring students were engaged in content that was aligned to curriculum.

In response to those survey findings, 3P Learning is mobilizing to offer an unprecedented level of support for teachers, standing up their education specialists and customer service teams, as well as bringing on additional staff to help teachers transition smoothly in their digital classroom so students can continue learning regardless of where they are.

3P Learning, CEO Rebekah O'Flaherty said: "None of us have experienced mass school disruption or distance learning on this scale before. We want teachers and parents to know that via our Accelerator Support Package, we can deliver in the areas our school teachers are concerned about, enabling them to continue to educate students remotely."

The Accelerator Support Package is fully Curriculum Aligned to each state/territory and national requirements and provides the following:

Access to any or the full range of ed-tech solutions covering mathematics, literacy and science with thousands of activities suitable for student between the ages 4-14.
Express On-boarding: one-on-one guidance on how to set up your school or class, upload your students and tour of the portal to ensure teacher confidence to begin distance learning.
Daily product Q&As and weekly education webinars with customer success managers and team of education specialists to be informed on remote teaching and learning strategies.
Parents: we assist teachers to mobilize parents to support with home learning, weekly webinars in supporting learning from home and weekly student progress reports.

"We are fortunate to have unique access to a community of teachers around the world, all of whom are in different stages of coming to terms with this crisis. Our community is telling us loud and clear that support is the number one thing we can do to help. They need a human voice to help them come to terms with managing a fully digital classroom. That is why we are mobilizing our people to support them at this time". Added Ms Flaherty.

The Accelerator Support Package is flexible to meet the needs of the teacher and the learner. Teachers can trust that the auto-created pathways are tailored to their curriculum and the products are designed in a way to ensure that students are always moving forward in their learning. Teachers can further personalise the learning journeys when they want to. 3P Learning resources are diverse to ensure that they meet the needs of different teaching styles as well as different learning styles.