Yes Man Review

Yes Man Review
Cast: Jim Carrey, Zooey Deschanel, Bradley Cooper, John Michael Higgins, Molly Sims
Director: Peyton Reed
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 104 minutes

Carl Allen (Jim Carrey) is dedicated to his boring life, he has worked at the same company in the same job for five years and spent most night watching movies and falling asleep on his couch, since his ex-wife, Stephanie (Molly Sims) left him. His life progresses along a boring track where he is committed to saying no to all invitations and phone calls. Carl even misses his best friend, Peters engagement party, to sleep at home on the couch.

Carls life begins to turn when an old friend tells him of a Yes seminar. A nightmare, where Carl is dead on his couch and his friends cant tell, this awakens him into attending the seminar. Charismatic yes man Terence (Terrence Stamp) lectures Carl into saying yes to all questions and agreeing with all propositions presented.

Carl has to start saying yes to everything, which has its perks as he meets super-sweet and alternative girl, Allison (Zooey Deschanel) after he runs out of petrol and a homeless man flattens his mobile phone battery. What would happen if you started saying yes to every offer? The word 'yes' takes Carl on an adventure through promotions, holidays, bridal showers; pulling Red Bull fueled all-nighters, numerous dress-up parties and drunken fights. It seems yes is the new no.

Yes Man is a typical Jim Carrey movie, similar to Liar Liar but with more emotion; Carrey is as energetic as ever and Yes Man is truly and consistently hilarious producing laughs all round. I doubt you will be disappointed as there is not a dull moment in the whole charming film.

Yes Man is released in cinemas Australia wide on January 1st 2009.

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