World Cup Trade

WORLD CUP PREDICTION: AUSTRALIAN SUCCESS IN LATIN AMERICA Australian exporters should make the most of Latin Americas increased interest in Australia generated by the Socceroos campaign for World Cup glory and their upcoming match against Brazil, according to Austrades Chief Economist, Tim Harcourt.

"The Socceroos performance in Germany has not only increased awareness of Australias rapidly developing skills in the world game, their success is serving as an effective international promotion of Australia. Interest in Australia is particularly strong in the region that is home to our next World Cup challenge, Brazil."

"Latin America is an increasingly attractive place to do business thanks to the regions strengthening economic performance and commitment to democracy and the closer ties Australia is developing with the region."

"Regional economies such as Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Peru continue to expand and open their markets, providing new export opportunities for Australian businesses, Mr Harcourt said."

Austrades Senior Trade Commissioner in Sao Paulo, Mark Argar, said that he is amazed at the Brazilian publics enormous interest in Australia brought about by the Socceroos.

"The passion of Latin American football supporters is a well known fact, and the Socceroos participation in the World Cup and early success in Germany has sparked a lot of Brazilian interest in Australia, its people and economy."

"Now is the time for Australian exporters to consider the business opportunities available in a region with well over 400 million consumers. Latin America offers Australian businesses with readily accessible markets with sophisticated consumers, increasingly stable governments and political systems, and an economic climate that is conducive to doing business."

"Australian businesses should strike while the iron is hot and develop exciting businesses opportunities in this region, particularly in the agribusiness, mining, services/ICT, gourmet foods and wine, and oil and gas industries and sectors," Mr Argar said.

Austrade has a network of offices across Latin America to help Australian businesses develop export opportunities in the region.