Winner's Stable Collection

Winner's Stable Collection

Take the reins and ride into colourful adventures, with Winner's Stable

Perfect for pony princesses, equestrian lovers, and just plain horse-crazy kids, the new range from Winner's Stable lets this unique breed experience the fun, fashion, whimsy, and love of horse play.

The gorgeous Winner's Stable collection features a mix of beautifully sculpted ponies, with realistic horse details perfect for collecting and display, and whimsical matching rider and horse pairs, with colourful accessories and poseable features. Plus, the added fun of manes, tails and rider's hair to groom and style. All with an extra dollop of crazy colour and cute fashions.

Take a slow canter from admiring the beauty of your collection of Winner's Stable horses on show, to creating your own adventures of holidays at horse camp or preparing for a gymkhana with friends.

Winner's Stable horses and riders each have different personalities and character traits for you to get to know, including gold medal worthy friendships! Who will you choose for your stable?

Winner's Stable Collectible Horse RRP $10.00
These Collectible Horse figures stand 18cm tall, ideal for both play and display, and features a beautiful, sculpted body with realistic horse detail. Each horse comes in a dynamic pose and features signature markings. All three make a beautiful addition to any horse lover's collection:
• Toffee

• Penny
• Sugar

Winner's Stable Doll and Horse RRP $25.00
Take the reins and ride into exciting adventures with a spirited duo from Winner's Stable. These 11-piece Doll and Horse sets are a beautiful start to any horse collection. Each doll stands 12cm tall and is accompanied by her beautifully accessorised 18cm tall horse companion. They also come with a riding helmet, ribbon necklace, comb, saddle, bridle with rein, horse ribbon, tail piece, a surprise accessory, and horse stand for display – everything you need to take care of your horse and groom her long mane and tail.

Poseable features and 10 points of articulation allow kids to move horse and rider into fun action poses and re-enact the fun of competition. Peel the champion ribbon to reveal a surprise! Ideal for role-play and display, collect all three Doll and Horse Sets:
• Oakley & Rose Gold
• Kimi & Kola
• Madison & Huntley


Show Up 'N Style, RRP $39.00
Little stylists can give award-winning makeovers with the Winner's Stable Show Up 'N Style Set. This 20-piece set includes a 12cm Valentina Doll, 18cm Charra Feature Horse you can articulate into fun action poses, a 4.5-inch Lolli llama figure, riding helmet, necklace, flower crown, barrettes, hair extensions, brush, saddle, bridle with rein, flower necklace, llama ribbon, lollipop candy, and horse stand. Everything you need to show up 'n style!

Kids will love helping Valentina create a fabulous makeover by using the champion ribbon brush and accessories to style Charra's long, beautiful mane. Press the button in the centre of Charra's chest and watch her flip her mane from side to side, revealing showstopping looks from every angle. Kids can even place the lollipop in Valentina's hand and feed Lolli a yummy treat! With the fabulous new makeover, Valentina and Charra are sure to show up in style at their next showmanship competition!

Get to know Valentina and Charra
Award-winning parade horse riders from Mexico, Valentina and Charra head to Camp Clover to learn new skills. Valentina loves nothing more than giving her friends a makeover or making them friendship bracelets. Charra is a four-time gold winner in showmanship, but secretly just wants to let loose and dance.

Winner's Stable allows kids to explore their love of all things equine and let their imaginations to roam free!

Suitable for ages 3+ years, Winner's Stable products are available now from Big W and independent toy retailers from April.

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