When to Really Worry

When to Really Worry

When to Really Worry

Mental health problems in teenagers and what to do about them.

When does normal teenage behaviour become something more serious, something so worrying that parents must step in to take action?

Mental health problems in young people are increasing in frequency and severity, with one in five children and adolescents affected. In this informative, moving and insightful book, Australia's leading authority on adolescent mental health, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, explains the symptoms, causes and treatments for everything from ADHD and eating disorders to anxiety, depression and suicide.

In this down-to-earth, accessible style, Carr-Gregg offers practical information on how to detect early warning signs, and most importantly, advice for parents on what to do when teenagers have lost their psychological moorings.

When to Really Worry is an essential reference guide for parents, teachers or anyone who works with adolescents.

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg is one of Australia's leading authorities on teenage behaviour and practicing psychologist specialising in the area of parenting adolescents and adolescent mental health. He is the bestselling author of Surviving Adolescents, The Princess Bitchface Syndrome and Real Wired Child.

When to Really Worry
Penguin Australia
Author: Dr Michael Carr-Gregg
Price: $19.95




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