Wentworth Season 3 DVD

Wentworth Season 3 DVD

Wentworth Season 3 DVD

Cast: Danielle Cormack, Nicole da Silva, Kate Atkinson, Celia Ireland, Pamela Rabe, Shareena Clanton, Aaron Jeffery, Robbie Magasiva, Katrina Milosevic
Genre: TV Drama
Rated: MA15+

Four months have passed since Bea Smith's bold escape and ruthless murder of Brayden Holt.


Having returned to Wentworth Correctional Centre following her successful campaign to kill Brayden, Bea has assumed the mantle of Top Dog, hailed by all - including Franky Doyle herself - as a worthy successor.


But things are set to heat up with Joan 'The Freak' Ferguson realising Bea has played her, but she is determined to win the end game. Bea, meanwhile, has only one goal in mind - to bring The Freak down. To achieve this, she will need the help of the women and ultimately some of Ferguson's trusted officers. Unlikely alliances will form in season three which will have charring consequences.


As the season opens Bea is to be sentenced for Brayden's murder. Franky may no longer be Top Dog but she's not about to forget how Liz lagged on her, and Boomer is set to make Liz pay. Doreen's baby bump is growing and Ferguson is watching her closely. While Vera's instincts are more adept to Ferguson's scheming, Will is none the wiser despite Fletch's apparent hit and run accident by the mysterious white van.


Three diverse and provocative new characters are introduced this season played by acclaimed actresses Pia Miranda as inmate Jodie Spiteri; Libby Tanner as psychologist Bridget Westfall and Tammy MacIntosh as vigilante Karen Proctor. All three will impact the power play of the prison.

Wentworth Season 3
RRP: $34.99

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