Visions of Canada DVD

Visions of Canada DVD

Visions of Canada DVD

Genre: Special Interest
Rated: G
Running Time: 57 minutes

Visions of Canada reveals a country of contrasts that form a cultural and geographic mosaic. East meets west, old meets new, tradition engages innovation and a proud past comes face to face with an exciting future.

Stunning high definition aerial and ground footage, paired with regional music and informative narration, gives rich historical context to dramatic land and seascapes that span six time zones. On the ground you can almost feel the cobblestones on the charming streets of Québec City, the pulse of Toronto's modern metropolis and Montréal's cosmopolitan flair. In the air, cameras sweep over the sea of grass that is the vast prairie lands, climbs high into the Rockies where only professional climbers venture & provides the quickest route to the top of the 621 foot Calgary Tower.

The series teases viewers with a glimpse of the tranquil turquoise waters of Lake Louise among an abundance of pristine mirrored lakes nearly close enough to touch, and joins the ancient spirits above the Pacific Rim to see the world as it appears nowhere else.

Special Features:
Interesting Facts about Canada

Visions of Canada
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