Rock and Ruddle Combs

Rock and Ruddle Combs

Designed and made in the UK, Rock and Ruddle have taken the hair industry by storm.

Founded in 2012 by Alexandra Rock and Jackie Ruddle, Rock and Ruddle was the result of a misplaced hair brush and the subsequent realization that there was a huge gap in the market for good quality hairbrushes but that were also fun and elegant to have as an accessory, as well as being affordable.

After being widely successful with their hairbrush range, we are excited to announce the introduction of Rock and Ruddle Combs. Combs are an essential tool in styling, teasing and detangling hair. They are indispensable for straight partings, perfect pony tails, beautiful buns, up-do's and sleek, tidy hair wherever you are.

Rock & Ruddle have created a collection – perfection for every use:

Wide Tooth Comb Essential for detangling wet hair and great for applying conditioner and masks.
Handle Comb Perfect for smoothing and styling all types of hair.
Pocket Comb Ideal for shorter hair, backcombing and tidy hair on-the-go

All are available in the most popular Rock & Ruddle designs, to add some daily colour into your life.

Large Wide Tooth Comb RRP $21.95
Handle Comb RRP $21.95
Small Pocket Comb RRP $14.95

Rock and Ruddle is available at David Jones nationally. For further information about the brand please visit


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