Hair&Me's Organic Hair Rejuvenation Treatment

Hair&Me's Organic Hair Rejuvenation Treatment

Hair&Me's Organic Hair Rejuvenation Treatment

People are raving about Hair&Me's organic Hair Rejuvenation Treatment which repairs, moisturises and strengthens your hair and scalp. The delicious coconut-scented pre-shampoo hydrates hair from the inside-out, leaving your tresses sleek and gorgeous. Best of all it cuts blow-drying time by 30-50%! The oil is absorbed into the hair, pushing out trapped water from the cuticle, so you can devote more time to the rest of your beauty routine!


'What woman would not like more time in their day?" asks Jessica, cofounder of Hair&Me.


Hair&Me's young husband-and-wife team started their business when Jessica, a soon-to-be mum, took maternity leave from her successful hairdressing career. With ten years' experience behind her, Jessica wanted to create her own hair care range which could be tailored to her needs and the needs of her clients.


All of Hair&Me's products are vegan friendly, and none of their products are tested on animals, which means you can enjoy their easy-to-use pre-treatment, or any of their other wonderful products, completely guilt free.


This oil-based treatment is not like a chemical treatment from a salon or chemist. Hair&Me's Hair Rejuvenation Treatment is designed to strengthen and hydrate the hair from deep inside. It also focuses on your scalp's moisture, fighting dandruff and dry skin conditions.


The Hair Rejuvenation Treatment is a pre-shampoo which nourishes and protects hair with 100% organic ingredients. Just apply it to your damp hair, starting from your roots, and ensure that you get good coverage from root to tip. Leave it in for a while – from thirty minutes or even overnight – and then shampoo and condition your hair as normal. For best results, especially if your hair is artificially coloured or extremely dry, you can repeat the treatment.


The Treatment is versatile and works on both natural hair and extensions.  The Hair Rejuvenation Treatment keeps extensions looking hydrated and beautiful. It stimulates blood flow and hair growth while preventing breakage and split ends, so eventually you can replace those extensions with long, gorgeous hair of your own!


Hair&Me's Hair Rejuvenation Treatment also controls frizziness – so your lovely locks will stay perfect for longer, which results in better hair, and less time spent styling.


Hair&Me is also looking for bloggers and journalists who would like to review The Hair Rejuvenation Treatment and other products.


If you're excited about beauty and hair care, contact the team at For more information check out their website: You can also find them on Instagram: @hairandme_, Twitter: @hairandme and Facebook:


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