VanDutch 55

VanDutch 55

VanDutch 55

Introducing the VanDutch 55… the pinnacle of excellence and sophistication on the water

Australia will soon be home to the exceptionally crafted powerboat, the world-class VanDutch 55'.  Embodying the precise combination of power and design, importer and distributer VanDutch Australia are proud to introduce SkyFall, the first VanDutch 55' to reach Australian shores.

Considered the epitome of avant-garde yacht design and craftsmanship, the VanDutch 55' has pure lines reminiscent of the VanDutch 40', a masterstroke of Frank Mulder design. However the 55' has grown to enable numerous more possibilities for playing host. The VanDutch 55' has taken the grand art of yacht-making to new heights, equipped with a sleek hull (available in a range of colours), 900 horsepower twin Volvo powerplant, designer finishes, kitchenette and a bathroom area.

It also includes an immense sun bathing area, an exterior retractable dining zone – perfectly protected by the expansive windshield, and the new addition of an electric bimini. Importer Dick van Damme says the VanDutch 55' has answered the challenge to take another step forward in luxury boating design and speed.

'This is the first time you will see a boat on the water in the Southern Hemisphere so sleek, sexy and magnificent. The 55' is a real show stopper!

'I've been asked a number of times, what makes this boat so special? The hull design allows the boat to cut through any water, enabling a fast smooth ride on a luxury vessel, all the while showcasing contemporary design at its best.

'The VanDutch 40' is a great day boat with the option to sleep one couple whereas the VanDutch 55' has more of everything. The outdoor deck is larger and can accommodate up to 20 people comfortably and the cabin is fully equipped with state of the art technology and can sleep up to 3 couples or 4 to 6 people. The 55' is a larger, heavier boat but is still able to maintain the speed of up to 40 knots," said Mr Van Damme.

The VanDutch 55' also comes fully optioned with a huge colour selection for hull, decking and outside exterior, offering a top-of-the-line boating experience.

A V-Drive arrangement of the engines, 2 X VOLVO 900 hp, results in optimal use of the available space and the centre of gravity of the VanDutch providing as much aft as possible, in order to increase speed and reduce fuel consumption.

The Van Dutch 55' will arrive in Sydney Harbour week commencing the 7th October 2013.

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